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Spiderman 3 Review the emo, MySpace= no gays?+ 101 ways to annoy co-workers + buy a DS lite!

Howdy howdy tgif!

Spidey the freakin emo…Saw Spiderman 3 yesterday, and I give it a 6.5/10. Okay so it was worth the $15 but sometimes you just cringe thinking ‘what the hell are you guys thinking putting that in the script or movie?!’ Some truly lame parts but my fave is the emo version of Spidey, I mean are they taking the piss or are they serious? It was definitely surreal to see…well I wont write any spoilers but the story was actually pretty cool and the fight scenes are sweet, Sandman owns!

Tech Love

Came across this article where in MySpace discriminates against gay peoples, lesbians = ok but no gays…just read it!

Here’s why you should buy a Nintendo DS lite, I have one, YOU need one then We have one! I challenge you to bomberman! hurray!


Ever wanted to annoy your co-workers? Here’s 101 ways to do so! Please feel free to go crazy or even comment some ways you do it with that oh so ‘personel’ touche. LOL

Today’s pics are….a dedication by a kitten for emos and….an ode to Linkin Park which I actually like so it was pretty funny hehe


emo kid


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MySpace China? 10 UBER uses 4 iPod, web2.0 traffic%, The hell you doing Kratos!!!

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Give me a T for Tuesday!

It’s not Monday, which is the main thing and I have training later tonight~

Following on yesterday’s post on MySpace in China, an interesting read came to my attention concerning the Chinese government’s policy/ monitoring of MySpace in China. Basically, the User interface/ look is the same as the US version yet, content is controlled, which contradicts the element of giving a voice to people…read on!

Here’s a popular post that gives out 10 UBER uses for the iPod that are rather unexpected…lol chekkit!

Interested in Web2.0? Here’s some figures on the growth of web2.0 traffic in the US. A growth of 688% to web2.0 sites over the past 2 years~ growl~

What the hell are Sony and Kratos (main character from God of War) doing??!!!! God of War 2 was launched and for their party they slaughter a freakin goat??!! of course the vegetarians, vegans, animal activists and emos are going to get uber pissed! I want to go to that party…..  😦

On that note! Today’s pics are….mario (thanks to VGCats) and iPod fun!



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Happy Easter! Second Life n Best Buy/gambling?? Emos + Here’s an awesome game we all should play!


Hope we’re all enjoying our Easter weekend, for all the international heads out there, Aussies are getting friday to monday off …hence my slow and short blog today.

 I stumbled upon this article regarding some more Second Life news which is pretty sweet. Best Buy plans to open an island on SL called ‘Geek Squad Island’ where its tech support guys will give free computer advice…it’s gonna be run like a real one meaning opening hours, product showcases and regular events.

It’s more fun if you read it yourself!

Here’s one more I found concerning SL and virtual gambling and the questioning of the legality thereof…Enjoy!

Finally, Here’s a game that we all should play and has an Eastery theme to it! 

 Hope you all enjoy it!

Have a great day!

This pic should help LOL



PLEASE! This one’s now outdated!

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