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Myspace the slow, Aussie anti-whales campaign, Colleges love Facebook (really?!)

Washed out Wednesdays all!

Let’s get the ball rolling shall we?

Tech Love

In  a world where stupidity reigns supreme – out of the dust rolls king MySpace the retards of retards! They’ve NOW (note: NOW) decided to open their developer platform just like Facebook…dude WTF?!
Many Aussies out there aren’t really down with the Japanese whaling the crap out of the seas so why not affect their kids? Well here’s a campaign that believes that’s the way to go! Can the Aussie underdog make a difference? Well the courts certainly ain’t backing us so we’ll see how it goes. My personal opinion is that this is a great effort, the first step towards attention is to rouse interest then communicate to the interest then BAM! We got a group that has power to influence or at least start a riot….your ideas/views on this?

Facebook is mad – I certainly love it, many are…addicted to a point. So want to see the figures that’s bringing Facebook success? Here’s the link for the write up. Demographics, user behaviour, figures, graphs etc. Enjoy!

So so so do you love to Twitter? Well do it on your mobile with Google’s recently acquired JAiku!

Jaiku’s website reveals that the company has temporarily closed new user sign-ups “in order to focus on innovation.”

So hold your horses but keep your eyes open for this. Whether it’s gonna blow up is in the hands of us the people muhahahaha! Or so I’d like to believe…


So Kanye beat fifty cent in album sales so why not ride the good life by becoming an A-list blogger ? LOL check this post on Kineda.

For the smash bros fans…Sonic will be a playable character on the new release! check 14:24

Hope you enjoyed the read, hit me back with love and questions, comments i want it all! LOL

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Don’t fart.

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VirtualNES on Facebook! Top 10 competitive Video sites, Intel and the OLPC make Peace

Tanked up Tuesdays!

Hey guys another day has passed…and I’m back to bring the goodness oh yeah!

Tech Love

VirtualNES on Facebook!!! Must I say more click and play over 500 old school original NES games over an emulator in Facebook!!! SWEEET!

I love watching online videos as most of us do, so why not have the top 10 competitive video sites up on here!  From my personal favourite you can go check out the uber basic looking rate my dance moves and even Dare Junkies, lots of fun to be had on that list so check em out!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about the OLPC (one laptop per child aka $100 laptop) project, well here’s an article on the progress of the OLPC and Intel’s small ruckus they had as Intel had  similar product in the market in the low $200s…Supposedly they are now all good with each other and had face to face meetings even went out to say they had ‘joined forces’.

I meet people that use Engrish on a daily basis so here’s a  great way to minimise Engrish worldwide or hey learn another language! It’s called xlingo and its basically a community for the exchange of foreign languages. Sounds like fun? Then get going!

A super duper great app/site I happened to stumble upon was it’s a site that basically makes you a virtual chatroom you and friends can get onto if all of you don’t have Instant Messaging but have internet (Noob alert)…


10 Virtually instant ways to improve your life…Definitely worth a read and consideration.

An interactive visual representation of the effects of global warming worldwide, check it out and really see what’s happening. It got me thinking about where I can green up.

A pretty funny story about what kids think they hear up till the age of 16 by the New Yorker…put a smile on my face
What our sleeping style says about us…I’m a freefaller what are you?

Isn’t that enough fun for one day? Click the links I’ve hidden around for fun pics~

Have as much fun as I have writing for you today!

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Look up at the sky in SL, Cool things on Google, Youtube comedy night

Hey guys!

So today I was learning senior first aid treatment and will be finishing the course tomorrw…it’s actually really worthwhile! I’m pretty darn impressed at how many small things can save the lives or reduce the risk of further danger. If u feel inspired check out your local first aid training center. For the Aussies people check St John’s !

Tech Love

Found an article regarding the upcoming upgrades in SL regarding better environment simulation, especially clouds and wind. Rivetting stuff! But it was needed as opposed to the droll same old weather.

Awesome Lifehack post on cool things you can do/check out with Google~ calculator, translator, movie reviews, weather, comics and more!! ahh too much!

Following onto the cool Google stuff, Google now offers ‘Google Hot Trends’ that is a service to track the fastest-rising search queries…what’s next?!!

Ever wanted to be famous online for your comical talents? Be recognised and rated by the world? Well Youtube is sponsoring a comedy sketch contest! The winner will receive a brand assignment and budget to feature on a partner drink site to showcase their new product line.


Lifestyle tip today is to get a Google account. Nuff said.

Today’s theme is….awesome gifs…Enjoy!


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Google Parade, Celebs are wack on Digg, A greener Digg?

Taking a bit of a breather today just been uber busy with our website… sorry guys! But will still deliver the goodness~

So here’s the links to some uber cool reads

Tech love

Celebrities Dominate, But Not on Digg

The environmentally friendly version of Digg?

Product announcements by Google! A lot of very exciting additions coming to the google family!

Remember Club Penguin? Well in the spirit of acquisation Sony wants to take over the Penguins!


10 ways to keep your memory strong!

Today’s pic is dedicated to engrish! LOL

tough guy

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The truth about food, Wiki’s new rival, free phone calls to the world! Facebook classifieds?

Another new week!

I am rather excited today due to the amount of cool articles I have come across…hopefully they have a positive impact on your day by enlightening or making you laugh.

Tech Love

Encyclopedia of Life aims to be an online reference source and database for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on earth. It is said that wikipedia ‘sucks when it comes to science topics’…This is some exciting stuff! The clip in the link is awesome, in the way it presents the navigation and design of EOL.

Now when it comes to international calls it can snowball into an expensive affair…well with all your dreams come true! Please consider…LOL

Facebook…the small but growing nemesis of Myspace is releasing a free classified ads service to their repertoire for their users. I think these guys are getting better all the time!


This site by the BBC basically breaks down all the food/diet myths…let’s see if eating like an ape can save our lives~

The most essential career skill you need to succeed! Curious? Click to see if you got it or you don’t got it!

Today’s pics are…dedicated to the guys that helped explain why women stay single. LOL


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