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I is noob, Google search noobs, What happens when u stop smoking now?

How were your long weekends aussies?

Now as you know I bought a domain…thing is I have no idea on how to make one…therefore making me use Go Daddy’s website maker which looks REALLY bad. argh now I’m uber stuck with what to do…till then I’ll stick to blogging on here but will let you know how the site’s going, if you have tips or help…HELP! WordPress blogging app is da bomb…

Tech Love

For all the Google searching noobs that just can’t seem to narrow or better their searching techniques…Here’s 20 tips for more efficient google searches!

Google gets a fail for privacy? This is rather  interesting as all other sites reviewed never fell to Google’s depth in rating…scary? Well now Google is up for a battle with the company that gave them the ranking. Hurray!

AHHH!!! Awesome! Now I love ancient mythology so the ancient cities are something of an interesting point in my life’s discussion. I was particularly awe-struck when I saw this article that stated that:

“Tourists puzzled by the jumble of buildings in classical and modern Rome can now find their bearings by visiting a virtual model of the imperial capital in what is being billed as the world’s biggest computer simulation of an ancient city. ”  URL for the site.

Also here’s how to add onto your Facebook profile!


Now here’s a link to an answer many smokers have asked…”what happens to my body when I stop smoking now?”  very cool way to not only reduce numbers but also stop the risk of people starting smoking.

Also how to really powernap

Today’s pic is just awesome, you’ll know when you see it. LOL


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Google Parade, Celebs are wack on Digg, A greener Digg?

Taking a bit of a breather today just been uber busy with our website… sorry guys! But will still deliver the goodness~

So here’s the links to some uber cool reads

Tech love

Celebrities Dominate, But Not on Digg

The environmentally friendly version of Digg?

Product announcements by Google! A lot of very exciting additions coming to the google family!

Remember Club Penguin? Well in the spirit of acquisation Sony wants to take over the Penguins!


10 ways to keep your memory strong!

Today’s pic is dedicated to engrish! LOL

tough guy

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MySpace acquires PhotoBucket, Need lyrics? Yahoo! helps~E-Commerce 101

A bit of a hectic day I must say but always positive!

Hopefully we’re all still flying high on this second day of the week!

Tech Love

Today it was announced that MySpace would acquire PhotoBucket for the amount of $250million. What’s interesting was that at one stage MySpace actually had blocked PhotoBucket on profiles. now that they’re getting acquired there’s no need for a block and there’s all love in the building.

Now there are times where you hear that one song you love and you wish you knew the lyrics, OR you listen to a track where the artist says a line that sounds more Esperanto than English…well Yahoo! is here to save the day! Go to Yahoo! Lyrics~~ My one question is what the hell is Nelly Furtado doing in the top 10??!! we all know she sold out hard and her old stuff was much nicer on the ears.

Want to set up an online business? E-Commerce your thing? Well….Here’s 17 rules to create a successful E-Commerce website! Rather awesome with screen captures and nice descriptions. 


Think you’re environmental but lazy to action? Here’s 10 tips for the lazy environmentalists that we are. It’s the little things that can make the big differences.

Here’s something totally random I found today…A Jogging Flower Undersea…The sea lily is awesome.

Today’s pics are themed on muppets…the 2 sides of the story goes to ask if they’re evil or not (found on Ultimate Judgement)

Have a laff~!



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Free SMS via Gmail, new car smell bad for you? Youtube freedom, USA vs China and iPod sales!




Let’s start straightaway!

Free SMS via Gmail

This little gem allows users to send free SMS via Gmail (the link has 10 more cool ‘hacks’)

The question is: new car smell is bad for you????

Ok so we all love new car smell yes? well here’s big news! It’s toxic!!! 😦 (the link has how to greener your car tips too!)

Youtube Freedom in Thailand Round 4!

In a short things aren’t going down too snappy for Youtube, therefore pressure is on them to conform to ‘local political and cultural standards.’

USA vs China Piracy wars

So we all know pirated DVDs, books, music aren’t a new thing. The US has decided to blast China concerning piracy, is this a good move? We’ll find out! My personal view is, you can’t REALLY stop it but making it a little bit harder and pissing off China isn’t the best idea. Not saying it isn’t a bad idea and it shouldn’t happen…hmmmm this is a highly debatable subject let me know what you think! Comments Please!

iPod reaches landmark sales

iPod has finally caught reached 100 million slaves! Sales!! (hehehe sorry had to do it…I like Apple, I really do…)

Well it’s now quoted as the fastest selling music player in history and its lovable for the young and old!! Hurray iPod!!!

Now where’s my iRiver…

Let’s end the post once again with our trademark humorific graphic!

wonder woman

Wonder Woman….your the best! (Borat would love this)

Hope you all enjoyed!

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