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Myspace vs Facebook round 2!New York in 3d, Song writing2.0

A totally crazy Tuesday…the rain is pounding the wind is howling outside…I’m inside and still cold! To be in the Northern Hemisphere would be nice!

Tech Love

Yesterday’s post was slightly in favor of MySpace, but shazam! Here’s an article that is totally in favor of Facebook (with great arguments mind you) and takes MySpace’s fire straight up! Well my view is now feeling rather daft…I guess widgets are a lot more cooler than ‘Geocity-esque’ layouts~ LOL

Now we all love Google Maps and love to write off Microsoft’s comebacks to many things really…but is this a win?  Microsoft has announced for Microsoft Live Search Maps; that there will be three-dimensional, photo-realistic maps covering New York City and 8 other locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The other cities are…Austin, Cape Coral (Florida), Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Northampton (UK), Ottawa, Savannah and Tampa. More cities worldwide will be added to the service during the northern summer. Not too shabby there Bill!

JamJunky is a new startup that is a place for song writers to write their lyrics, upload songs in progress and share them with friends. Artists can also write notes about their work.Friends log in and view the work and comment on it blog-style. The artist can then incorporate feedback into the song. This sounds lame unless you’re a ghost-writer and you gots to get paiiiidddd~ but other than that it’s a cool place to store you’re songs…so it’s the advantages and disadvantages knock each other out…so it’s OK…not great…OK.


Hate to lose to the opposition when you’re cheering? Here’s a way to make an airhorn in 5 minutes!

 Today’s pic is….all about rearning engrish! LOL



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Today’s focus is…fun! iPhone, Pirates, Stay productive!

Today I completed my senior first aid course, and collapsed after to wake up and find it’s late! So today’s post will be more focused on the fun side of life. So expect WTF?! and That’s awesome! to follow!


Now I’ve always wanted to know what calibre of pirates still roam and where they hang out…Fortunately enough, here’s an article that breaks down the pirate hot spots to hang out in the world~ ARRR mi Hearty!

15 of the worst iPhone concepts….need I say more? Behold the noob designer!

Always pressed for time? But want to use your free time productively? Here’s a quick list to keep you on your toes!

AHHH!!!! The Super Smash Bros. site is live!!!!!!!!!!! All join me for an oooooo and an ahhhhh it’s awesome!

ok just one tech love post…

SL terrorism update! Our beloved ABC was literally blown off this earth! Rape and pillaging are also rampant….ahh SL what more joys can you bring?

Well that’s it for me today folks!

Here’s one pic to soothe the soul


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Virtual worlds! MyMiniLife, OLPC, Improve your Speech

It’s a new week again…

Pretty chuffed (happy/ proud) that I finally finished God of War last night (PS2 game) LOL. Now to embark on my adventures in Final Fantasy on the GBA!!! Onto the real stuff!!

 Tech Love

Virtual Worlds according to GigaOM is set to flourish to 50 million by 2011, which basically means 80% of internet users will have a ‘second life’ but not necessarily Second Life LOL as the article suggest the best of virtual worlds is yet to come.

An interesting find today…Techcrunch’s article on a new embeddable virtual world called….. MyMiniLife. MyMiniLife is a Flash based virtual world/social network. Users create and customize a character and then build out a virtual space, adding walls, floors, doors, windows, etc. Users can then add customized goods ranging from lamps to cannons to the space, and embed video or photo elements into items, or link to web pages…looks like the Sims but not as cool as the Sims…yet or will it?

Here’s an article that discusses the progress of the OLPC in Uruguay….Really shows some positive steps towards the OLPC (one laptop per child) project one day although slow, becoming a reality.


Ever felt like you had the annoying squeeky voice of Beckham and just didn’t want to say nothing so you don’t ruin your image? LOL Or even felt like your voice doesn’t justify the cans of whoopass you dish out to people who are dumb enough to annoy you?

Here’s how to improve your voice and speech!

Today’s theme is….fanboys!

I know this is a touchy subject but please enjoy the pics and I’m sure someone…just someone will kill me tomorrow….

Here’s a link to a plethora of great fanboy pics!



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MySpace to acquire Flektor, Yahoo Poker?! MySpace news…lame

Mid week madness prevails!

Let’s get straight onto the headlines!

Tech Love

The article first:                                                                                                                         MySpace will acquire Flektor, a service that allows users to create widgets from photos, video and text, I just created an account, just look up ‘daniellee’ to find me and my vids hehe. From what I can gather this is an awesome acquisition as Flektor is a very savvy service. Edit, photos, audio, webcam, movies and then integrate them from all your other web 2.0 accounts like flickr, myspace, photobucket and more! SWEET!

Yahoo! has just launched a play for money poker site! Interesting move this…Now while I do enjoy the odd game of poker I’m just shocked Yahoo! did this! Here’s the link to their poker site.

MySpace news as predicted, turns out to be a total lame launch. Here’s the article please remember to LOL


Ever feel like you can’t sleep? Kinda coming close to insomnia? Well here’s 9 ways to sleep so it counts. SWEET DREAMZ!

Todays pics are…frameable


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Flickrvision!! SL mission, 101 ways to drive traffic away from ur blog,

Tiggity Tuesday!

Glad to see that everyone is enjoying our ‘Dance Responsibly’ website. Just reminding everyone you can make $3000 AUD for uploading a video of yourself or acquantaince…I want to enter AHH! Anyways…onto todays blog.

Tech Love

Flickrvision has launched and it is awesome, basically an interactive worldwide map that displays photos that are freshly uploaded and the location. A really welcome and cool addition to the land of Flickr!

A look into the minds behind 4 companies to invest in SL and their raison d’etre in the virtual world. (BMW, ABN Amro, Vodafone, PA Consulting)

Now we all want to know how to tell people to bugger off so here’s the blog way to do it…. 101 ways to drive traffic away from your blog! (I better check if i commit any of these LOL!)


Ever been pwned by your credit card company, bank or mobile phone carrier? Here’s the way to pwn them back! YEAH!!!

Today’s pics are dedicated to the credit card companies, banks and mobile phone carriers~


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