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‘Wiiitis’? SL value stupidity, Blog influence strength, iGoogle


I wonder why time seems to slow down on Thursdays…is it because the anticipation of Friday? Things are pretty awesome these days, lots of cool happenings at work, dancing is improving, poker game is improving and so is my time spent on eBay…hmmm what to buy next???

I will be in Seoul, Korea for around 2 weeks late July till early August so all you Korean readers let me know if there’s anywhere you recommend!

Tech Love

The Wii totally pwned the PS3 by how much was it again? The number was… OH! I think it was….5 times the amount rahahahar   The figures were 251,794 Wii consoles sold last month, while Sony sold just 45,321. Ouch.

So the Wii is awesome la dee da, HOWEVER! there is one problem that can arise with the Wii and it’s a symptom called Wiiitis. (article link) Now injuries due to the Wii have been a big issue and this is the ‘label word’ that has been derived for these injuries. Pretty cool name for injuries too… I wish I had Wiiitis…. 😦

Second Life is back again to haunt me everyday by being in the media~ well this time the rumour is…that the valuation for the oversexed Virtual world has come to a mind blowinly overrated $750 million! What the? If this is true that is totally messed up.

There are 15 million active blogs and another 57 million who read them. The blog has great influence on the wider audience, greater than we all believe…for example, few weeks ago, tech blog Engadget wrote that Apple’s iPhone and Leopard operating system would be seriously delayed. Though it was later revealed that info came from a fake leaked memo, the news still drove Apple’s stock into an emotional tailspin. A survey reports consumers simply trust blogs more than advertising or email marketing.  52% of readers were persuaded to buy something after reading a positive review posted by a blogger.  74% think “citizen journalism,” a term coined for news reported by bloggers, will play an important role in the future. Fellow bloggers, I salute thee!

Add live TV to your Google homepage!


Why we shouldn’t use bullet points in powerpoint presentations

Personal Productivity Boost!!! Just one short note is all you need!

WOW! that was the monster post of the week! Hope you enjoyed and learnt your new fact of the day!

Today’s theme is…..Traffic light comedy!


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igoogle!! iPhone haters?! My ceiling hurts, OLPC moves forward!

ahh, Wednesday says it’s the middle of the week.

Quick Rant – Well i got in a bit of a shock today, was planning my flight on virginblue yesterday and found a cheap flight….unfortunately when i went to buy it, it had doubled!! GRR!!!


Once again micropersuasion has got an awesome read today! The article talks about iGoogle the personalized homepage on google and the future potential services and advertising opportunities that may emerge through the further personalization of iGoogle by its users.

So a survey was conducted to perceive the customer outlook on the release of the iphone and the results to many (not all mind you) were surprising. Only 6% of people said that they would buy one, the argument however is that 6% market share in the cell phone industry is quite sizeable. Your call!

An article discussing the progression of the OLPC (one laptop per child) and that production will be upped 400,000 in September.


Ever felt like the higher the ceiling the greater your creativity? Well kick the stars and call me a leprechaun, your instincts were right! Check the link above to find out how the ceiling height affects your creativity and focus.

Do you like my new formatted style? 🙂 Todays theme goes to…..pissed off cats! (cat photos are sooo coooool)



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