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Idiot Panda…Make monies on Facebook, Bargain paradise! Blog on iPhone

Hey guys, if you’re out there!!!!!!!~

I have been a fool and have not written even once last week! What’s going on!!??? I gotta step my game up seriously! Now rest assured that I am still reading around and getting’s just that getting that 1 hour to sit and type has slowly become less and less of a mandatory process so here I am forcing myself to get back on track at 12:40 am…hehe

Tech Love

Want to make monies on Facebook? Here’s the Lemonade app link to be on your way to make monies from da internets through Facebook!

Damnit Sony I want one of your new rolling and slammin mp3 players!

We can now blog via freakin Typepad on the iPhone~ woo…yay *insert sarcasm*

For over a 100 bargain deal finding sites…check this link list here! And we (or I) thought deals online didnt exist anymore~


I have white teeth but after a coffee or a coke they can become slightly tinged, so here’s an uber sweet way to keep em shiny white with guess what? Strawberries and baking soda!!!

For all the health conscious out there, I know I should be but meh ice cream wins all! Here’s 60+ health and fitness sites…I actually might look into getting some motivation to move my body once in a while!

Awesome little story on teen ninjas running wild in Seattle.…ahhh the days of youth…I am ninja he is ninja we are ninja too~~~ lalala

Here is some image love…some random market that thought ‘meat’ is a sufficient description for its meat…it’s funnier if you THINK about it!!! phew…


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Lift your Myspace Profile to Facebook with Spacelift! LG YouTube Phone~

Hey guys! Long time no see huh?

Tech Love

With the ever continuing insurgence of people I know running over to Facebook from Myspace or finding that their MySpace is just way boring compared to their Facebok…but anyways back to the focus! If you ever have any noob friends that want to move to Facebook from MySpace but are just so freakin noob that you have to organise a meeting so you can hook them up…I hope (I really do) that you just send them this link to Spacelift which does the job for them! I’m sure a frustrated kind-hearted man was sick of noobs and made it work…whoever you are…thank you

Now I know everyone is iPhone this iPhone wa wa wa but hey! I thought I’d post on the opposite spectrum! LG will be releasing the YouTube phone! ( which looks purty…aww)

‘The LG KU990 Viewty has a 5-megapixel camera (DUDE!), a touchscreen, and YouTube integration. The good thing about this phone is its ability to shoot video at 120 frames per second, which is four times higher than your standard camcorder. This means that you’ll be able to take better video clips on the go. With its YouTube integration, you can upload those new videos directly to your YouTube account. You can also watch YouTube on the handheld as well.’ It sounds totally sweet to me! Although if I wanted a good camcorder I could just buy one…at least it’s some kick ass eye candy.

If you ever though MySpace would get smarter….WRONG! what? WRONG! what? WRONG! what? WRONG! The fools decided to go hey! I know what’ll uber boost our a$$es getting whooped…MySpace Fashion! If MySpace was a mom it would beat you up…and that hurts…deeply and emotionally (LOL I laugh at my own joke…ROFL LMAO LOL)

Here’s an article I stumbled upon…the cheapskate guide’s 50 tips for frugal living! The dude that made this is nuts! But hey I’m sure he’s savin mad money~ maybe we should too….oh hey! Threadless has a $10 sale on till September the 3rd! I wear large if you want to buy me a shirt! 😉

Hope you enjoyed this long awaited blog…sorry it took so long!’

Here’s a Russel Peters clip to make you happy!

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Facebook’s RSS feeds, iPhone+Facebook?! Link included! MySpace drug education?!

Well my return to blogging has been nothing but smooth but we truck on!

Tech Love

Facebook keeps opening up and winning the fans such as I who is well on my way to merging from MySpace to Facebook…this time round the boys, gals and bots at Facebook have opened up their data feeds for us to enjoy…certainly more fun than finding out you’ve been zombified (in-facebook joke *chortle chortle*)

So Facebook is now on the iPhone too! Now while I may not have access to an iPhone I can wonder how much fun it would be to behold it on my mobile handset that is a generation behind…hehe

Here’s an interesting find, MySpace has opened up a space to educate the youth on drugs…’Drug Addiction 411’…the end result? It’s actually an advertised space for another drug company that sells its drugs to stop the abuse of painkiller addiction…this totally bites. They just can’t get it right can they? (both parties)

On the plus side if you ever want to create a social network here are 43 ways to do so!

also the top 1,000 web2.0 sites all alphabetically categorized!


I know alot of us sometimes hit a brick wall when formulating ideas or just plain need a breakthrough…that’s why there’s the handy dandy Idea Generator! Rather interesting and a cool looking widget.

Here’s a great post on how to give killer presentations even with a hangover! I am totally relishing this…although I do wonder where or when I will be presenting next…

I know this is an uber geeky joke but alexa the web information site…said YouTube is bigger than Google…don’t believe it? Here’s the graphical data…With my one word of approval.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s post and there will be an announcement on Friday regarding a new schedule for my blogs and their focus angle.


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Google to Mashup Googlemaps! iPhone blended?! Facebook & Google sumo fights.

Warmed up Wednesdays! Today’s blog is going to be awesome. Guaranteed a great read and knowledge builder, or is it just my opinion?? Let me know what you think.

Tech Love

So Google maps is an awesome free service that I use often,  so why not allow all great mashups that show tabs and feature spots available to users? So they can choose what they want to see at where they’re going to or want to be!…all free to customisation! I like the sound of this and totally look forward to the mashups “mapplets” being thrown onto our maps!

As if this was going to be skipped? Will the iPhone blend? Let’s see!

Facebook and Google are both gatherers of information, on us basically…while Google has always held their fort in regard to what we search for, they have never had Facebook has…”a network of connections between people that creates a viral distribution platform unrivaled by any portal or search engine.” Thus in metaphorical illustration…if it was a sumo fight Google would be getting a little sweaty under that………colourful napkin? HEHE

Are you an aspiring cartoonist? Get your comics judged by DC editors over Zudacomics! If you’re successful you’ll be rewarded with a one-year contract!

Feel like firing or breaking up with someone over instant messaging? Here are the real facts!  Scary really….in fact to really feel the pain shouldn’t we try it out? I think we should all find online dates and try it out. Feel the crush of my emoticons!!!! GYAHAR! 🙂

217 million people play games online…*click* check the stats and graphs! Guess who’s number one? hehe


Ever wanted to know the 10 greatest advancements in Fast Food? Check it here! Number 10 is my fave…hehe

On a random note…here is a mouse on a mouse.



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3 top 10 lists for online sites,’s top 50 sites of 2007, 65 reasons to own a DS

Tight ass Tuesdays! If you’re feelin’ cheap there are always bargains going down on Tuesdays! Cheap movie tickets and special meal deals through out town. So if you need a pick me up, go watch a movie or check out some local restaurants for a early week booster!

Tech Love

I found a nice site with all these great top 10 graphical displays so I’ll link the ones that caught my interest…the rest can just be checkout out from the link. Off we go!

Top 10 Automotive Online Ad spenders GM and Ford being the outright leaders in this category…Interestingly enough, one can wonder if GM’s efforts are bringing in enough ROI due to its’ performance in the top 10 Online Automotive Destinations…although the sites could just be referring the sales of GM automobiles…eBay motors is the outright winner in this list.

Top 10 Entertainment/Movie Online Ad Spenders, Disney is out in the lead but Sony and Viacom are fighting hard to top each other for second place.

Finally, the online search share figures for April and May, the obvious outright winner is………..Google. Did you guess it?’s top 50 sites of 2007!!! This is definitely interesting…I’ll be going through each one tonight hehe

Is the iPhone battery irreplaceable? Apple disagrees! But you need to give them your iPhone, 3 days, and $79…you make the call…rather annoying but i must say it does look awesome… D’oh!

65 reasons to own a DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For all you Northern Hemisphere people! Here are 23 ways to beat the heat While I will look to do the exact opposites of these…hehe

Today’s theme is….crazy toilet signs! What better way to cheer us up! Toilet humour what canst thou do?


toilet What the? Am I supposed to take a number 1 STANDING?!!!!

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