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Smarter PR and Microsoft in SL, OPhone?! eBay acquiring Stumble, Diet tip

Thiggity shiggity shwa~

It’s a fine Thursday that it is…Shall we commence?

Tech Love

Another fine article from micropersuasion, Steve Rubel discusses the future of virtual worlds and investing in them.

Following this, we have Microsoft opening up in SL and will be revealed today at 6pm SL time…so hop to it!

Apples brings out the iPhone so what does Microsoft do?? Unleash the OPhone!!!! Hilarious times for all…hehe

eBay is on the road to acquire StumbleUpon that allows web surfers to discover and share great websites~ looks like acquisation Christmas is here!

Finally, for those parents who are concerned about their childs music listening habits…Disney has come up with a solution har har! They’ve launched an online store for kid-focused singles, albums and music videos. Basically a child -friendly iTunes.


I stumbled (LOL) on this site that states eating a soup or salad before a meal helps weight loss by curbing hunger…so if anyone out there wants more lazy tips to get lean and mean, go crazy on salads and soups! blah….

On that note, today we have 2 special guests…harry potter and pokemon!

hehe go Ash.



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MySpace China? 10 UBER uses 4 iPod, web2.0 traffic%, The hell you doing Kratos!!!

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Give me a T for Tuesday!

It’s not Monday, which is the main thing and I have training later tonight~

Following on yesterday’s post on MySpace in China, an interesting read came to my attention concerning the Chinese government’s policy/ monitoring of MySpace in China. Basically, the User interface/ look is the same as the US version yet, content is controlled, which contradicts the element of giving a voice to people…read on!

Here’s a popular post that gives out 10 UBER uses for the iPod that are rather unexpected…lol chekkit!

Interested in Web2.0? Here’s some figures on the growth of web2.0 traffic in the US. A growth of 688% to web2.0 sites over the past 2 years~ growl~

What the hell are Sony and Kratos (main character from God of War) doing??!!!! God of War 2 was launched and for their party they slaughter a freakin goat??!! of course the vegetarians, vegans, animal activists and emos are going to get uber pissed! I want to go to that party…..  😦

On that note! Today’s pics are….mario (thanks to VGCats) and iPod fun!



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New week!iTunes wants your $, The army+marketing?! Game accessories=bad relationship?

Hey guys, how was the weekend?

Some cool stuff today. First off let’s look at iTunes once balanced but now unbalanced iTunes pricing system. This move will probaby piss off everyone who actually buys (LOL…sorry I shouldn’t laugh) music online off iTunes who are used to the cool and easy to memorise 99cents per mp3 deal.

The army is coming ‘en force’ (french?) to bring in recruits with its super MMO (massively multiplayer online game) America’s Army.

Now we all knew that the army was behind America’s Army but now the Air Force wants some lurvin too, so they have started up a mobile marketing campaign targeted at the tech savvy. Basically if your mobile handset has bluetooth and ‘invite-enabled’ the second you come within reachable distance of the Air Force’s hubs, they’ll contact you and it’s up to you to check out their tour of their campaign to ‘do something amazing

Now we all love games and their accessories right? The bigger the better I say! Dammit virtual boy you are OK!

Well here’s an article from Yahoo! that says game accessories are killing relationships and the awesome family lives people already have.  It’s actually pretty interesting…I can recall many times games have taken precedence over dates and the such…oh Fire Emblem you are my true love!

Tell us if you’ve experienced the like with games or whatever…

In tribute to  morans (you’ll see why below) and apple’s iphone we all think is awesome… (i know this is old but i want to see it again!)




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Finetune w/iTunes, Second Life call centers and Defining – “Wilfing”,




TGIF!!! (Thank God it’s Friday for those that are new to this)

Seeing as its close to the weekend, let’s go with a more ‘entertainment’ and ‘fun’ based blog today.

An article (a cool breakdown of the service) on Finetune my current and favourite music player at the moment…has integrated its service with iTunes and is given a pretty sweet rave review.

Love call centres? I know many things I love more! Hitting myself, doing online surveys, hanging out with noobs…etc. Here’s a way to avoid an experience we all love. (Feature article…so the next part makes sense…LOL!)

Second Life, everyone’s freaking love bug of a virtual world (i kinda go on it…) has been referred to as a potential future call centre solution. Basically, virtually staffing SL offices with employees to handle problems…remember SL terrorism? This could work if people were as friendly as big corporations…LOL (my business joke of the day) It’s a nice thought which does get rid of some factors of annoying call centres, BUT! let’s wait and see what happens…I’d first like to see Linden Labs try and moderate the world…(It won’t happen, and if it does…BOOM SL is dead).

Finally, I came across this interesting article and the term called ‘Wilfing’ – It stands for”What was I looking for?” – the act of wandering aimlessly through the Web’s endless hyperlinks. We’re all guilty I believe… The article goes onto express that many users are ‘Wilfing’ too much and are potentially spending 2 days a month on aimless web surfing. They also say it’s bad for relationships, life in general etc…wa wa wa

What they forgot to mention is…Wilfing is done by choice! We love it! Or do we? Let me know what you think, or if your relationship died because of it…LOL (tell me also if i use LOL too much or if it adds a ‘kick’ into the humour)

Have an awesome Friday!

Here’s 2 pics themed on fun sports we should all ‘dive’ into (witty no?)


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