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I is noob, Google search noobs, What happens when u stop smoking now?

How were your long weekends aussies?

Now as you know I bought a domain…thing is I have no idea on how to make one…therefore making me use Go Daddy’s website maker which looks REALLY bad. argh now I’m uber stuck with what to do…till then I’ll stick to blogging on here but will let you know how the site’s going, if you have tips or help…HELP! WordPress blogging app is da bomb…

Tech Love

For all the Google searching noobs that just can’t seem to narrow or better their searching techniques…Here’s 20 tips for more efficient google searches!

Google gets a fail for privacy? This is rather  interesting as all other sites reviewed never fell to Google’s depth in rating…scary? Well now Google is up for a battle with the company that gave them the ranking. Hurray!

AHHH!!! Awesome! Now I love ancient mythology so the ancient cities are something of an interesting point in my life’s discussion. I was particularly awe-struck when I saw this article that stated that:

“Tourists puzzled by the jumble of buildings in classical and modern Rome can now find their bearings by visiting a virtual model of the imperial capital in what is being billed as the world’s biggest computer simulation of an ancient city. ”  URL for the site.

Also here’s how to add onto your Facebook profile!


Now here’s a link to an answer many smokers have asked…”what happens to my body when I stop smoking now?”  very cool way to not only reduce numbers but also stop the risk of people starting smoking.

Also how to really powernap

Today’s pic is just awesome, you’ll know when you see it. LOL


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‘Wiiitis’? SL value stupidity, Blog influence strength, iGoogle


I wonder why time seems to slow down on Thursdays…is it because the anticipation of Friday? Things are pretty awesome these days, lots of cool happenings at work, dancing is improving, poker game is improving and so is my time spent on eBay…hmmm what to buy next???

I will be in Seoul, Korea for around 2 weeks late July till early August so all you Korean readers let me know if there’s anywhere you recommend!

Tech Love

The Wii totally pwned the PS3 by how much was it again? The number was… OH! I think it was….5 times the amount rahahahar   The figures were 251,794 Wii consoles sold last month, while Sony sold just 45,321. Ouch.

So the Wii is awesome la dee da, HOWEVER! there is one problem that can arise with the Wii and it’s a symptom called Wiiitis. (article link) Now injuries due to the Wii have been a big issue and this is the ‘label word’ that has been derived for these injuries. Pretty cool name for injuries too… I wish I had Wiiitis…. 😦

Second Life is back again to haunt me everyday by being in the media~ well this time the rumour is…that the valuation for the oversexed Virtual world has come to a mind blowinly overrated $750 million! What the? If this is true that is totally messed up.

There are 15 million active blogs and another 57 million who read them. The blog has great influence on the wider audience, greater than we all believe…for example, few weeks ago, tech blog Engadget wrote that Apple’s iPhone and Leopard operating system would be seriously delayed. Though it was later revealed that info came from a fake leaked memo, the news still drove Apple’s stock into an emotional tailspin. A survey reports consumers simply trust blogs more than advertising or email marketing.  52% of readers were persuaded to buy something after reading a positive review posted by a blogger.  74% think “citizen journalism,” a term coined for news reported by bloggers, will play an important role in the future. Fellow bloggers, I salute thee!

Add live TV to your Google homepage!


Why we shouldn’t use bullet points in powerpoint presentations

Personal Productivity Boost!!! Just one short note is all you need!

WOW! that was the monster post of the week! Hope you enjoyed and learnt your new fact of the day!

Today’s theme is…..Traffic light comedy!


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Creepy Robot! SL ‘land’ dispute goes to Court! Business networking 2.0

Tiggerish Tuesdays is what Tiggers do best! Get to it already!

Tech Love

Now I know robots are cool and all that but this creation is just creepy and as the article says so rightly…DISTURBING. It’s cool in its own way, but I must say I would pay to not have that in my room…what do you think? Even glancing at screenshots gives me the chills….

Second Life is in the freakin’ news again…this time we got a virtual land dispute that actually made it to the federal court room.  Now you’re also thinking WTH? (what the hell?) So here’s the link to read all about it. Basically the prosecutor feels his land was wrongfully seized by Linden Labs.

It’s said in this article, that 65% of business professional are networking  via personal and professional networking sites. Most popular being Linkedin (here’s my profile so you can add me up 🙂 )  Other reasons to use these networking sites was to keep in contact with internal and remote staff or looking for a new job.


Here’s 8 tips for keeping your cash……….and

How to organize your family’s essential information in case of an emergency.

Today’s funny funny is thanks to Google Maps…(Click!) no really please do!


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iPhone launch 29/6, Lifehack vid channel, Where does mario go when he dies?

Hey guys, 

Hopefully your weekends were awesome. If you ever get the chance please watch the Extras starring Ricky Gervais from the Office series  and it is hilarious(UK the original and the best, yes I said it wa wa wa). 

Tech Love

The iPhone is set to be unleashed to the hordes on the 29th of June…save your $ up because its set to be $500 plus…that’s not too bad…but still alot of money nonetheless hehe

Facebook doesn’t seem to stop lately and here’s an article stating that it has the potential to be the marketer’s paradise…why? They’re launching polls which can be targeted to the demographics…is it going to be spam mania? let’s wait…

Wouldn’t a video hotel review be wonderful (article), so you can see what sort of room and atmosphere you’re paying for before you book? Well roll up roll up~! Check out to see the real deal.


Need some assistance in everyday life such as how to perform the ‘man hug’ correctly, get your abs into shape or even fold your shirts uber quick and nice via video tuition…look no further! It’s VideoJug!

Today’s pic is again about…Mario! 

Now I always wondered where the hell do all the marios go after they die and fall down the screen…well, my parayers have been answered! Here’s the link to unsolve the mystery!!!


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Billl & Steve’s adventures, Get Smarter by playing! Music vids on Youtube! Rip Youtube??


Friday it is…I’m exhausted and really need a break…so today’s blogs will be basic breakdowns and links enjoy!

Tech Love

Check out Bill & Steve’s adventures…well debate, joke, discussion that went down at D5~ The beatles line quoted by Steve is a killer.

Now I love games, but why not get smarter while doing so and track your progress too? Henceforth the article on Lumosity (the Lumosity site), that claims to improve your cognitive function via brain games and excercises.

EMI and Google have reached agreement meaning there are now ‘legal’ music video clips on Youtube now hehe

Sick of having to restream clips on Youtube, google, yahoo! etc? Well the new RealPlayer lets you rip away~~ Check the article here.


Always find yourself looking for a bottle opener? Fear not if there’s  a car near! here’s a clip on how to open a bottle with a car latch!

Here’s todays pic…………. dedicated to the weekend!


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