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Creepy Robot! SL ‘land’ dispute goes to Court! Business networking 2.0

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Now I know robots are cool and all that but this creation is just creepy and as the article says so rightly…DISTURBING. It’s cool in its own way, but I must say I would pay to not have that in my room…what do you think? Even glancing at screenshots gives me the chills….

Second Life is in the freakin’ news again…this time we got a virtual land dispute that actually made it to the federal court room.  Now you’re also thinking WTH? (what the hell?) So here’s the link to read all about it. Basically the prosecutor feels his land was wrongfully seized by Linden Labs.

It’s said in this article, that 65% of business professional are networking  via personal and professional networking sites. Most popular being Linkedin (here’s my profile so you can add me up 🙂 )  Other reasons to use these networking sites was to keep in contact with internal and remote staff or looking for a new job.


Here’s 8 tips for keeping your cash……….and

How to organize your family’s essential information in case of an emergency.

Today’s funny funny is thanks to Google Maps…(Click!) no really please do!


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