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Smarter PR and Microsoft in SL, OPhone?! eBay acquiring Stumble, Diet tip

Thiggity shiggity shwa~

It’s a fine Thursday that it is…Shall we commence?

Tech Love

Another fine article from micropersuasion, Steve Rubel discusses the future of virtual worlds and investing in them.

Following this, we have Microsoft opening up in SL and will be revealed today at 6pm SL time…so hop to it!

Apples brings out the iPhone so what does Microsoft do?? Unleash the OPhone!!!! Hilarious times for all…hehe

eBay is on the road to acquire StumbleUpon that allows web surfers to discover and share great websites~ looks like acquisation Christmas is here!

Finally, for those parents who are concerned about their childs music listening habits…Disney has come up with a solution har har! They’ve launched an online store for kid-focused singles, albums and music videos. Basically a child -friendly iTunes.


I stumbled (LOL) on this site that states eating a soup or salad before a meal helps weight loss by curbing hunger…so if anyone out there wants more lazy tips to get lean and mean, go crazy on salads and soups! blah….

On that note, today we have 2 special guests…harry potter and pokemon!

hehe go Ash.



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Spiderman 3 Review the emo, MySpace= no gays?+ 101 ways to annoy co-workers + buy a DS lite!

Howdy howdy tgif!

Spidey the freakin emo…Saw Spiderman 3 yesterday, and I give it a 6.5/10. Okay so it was worth the $15 but sometimes you just cringe thinking ‘what the hell are you guys thinking putting that in the script or movie?!’ Some truly lame parts but my fave is the emo version of Spidey, I mean are they taking the piss or are they serious? It was definitely surreal to see…well I wont write any spoilers but the story was actually pretty cool and the fight scenes are sweet, Sandman owns!

Tech Love

Came across this article where in MySpace discriminates against gay peoples, lesbians = ok but no gays…just read it!

Here’s why you should buy a Nintendo DS lite, I have one, YOU need one then We have one! I challenge you to bomberman! hurray!


Ever wanted to annoy your co-workers? Here’s 101 ways to do so! Please feel free to go crazy or even comment some ways you do it with that oh so ‘personel’ touche. LOL

Today’s pics are….a dedication by a kitten for emos and….an ode to Linkin Park which I actually like so it was pretty funny hehe


emo kid


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