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YouTube minimizes Engrish, eBay pwns Google, SL steppin’~ Johnny Depp WTF?!

Thugged out Thursdays are my fave~

Tech Love

Engrish is all around us,  but we should allow for all Engrish users to not have to use Engrish but go for their native tongue. That’s why yesterday Flickr added 7 languages but today Youtube plans to expand its language base also! French and Mandarin are the languages expressed in the article so far…lookout for more…

eBay pwns the crap out of Google…the article says it all.

We have 2 new entries to Second Life today…and they are…Beverage maker Diageo and Japanese politician Kan Suzuki who hopes to get re-elected.

Like to think of yourself as a bit of a writer? Well here’s a way to get published for $19! I’ll probably give myself  around 6 months before I publish my  literature…LOL


Here’re some shaving tips which I also needed to know…hehe



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Look up at the sky in SL, Cool things on Google, Youtube comedy night

Hey guys!

So today I was learning senior first aid treatment and will be finishing the course tomorrw…it’s actually really worthwhile! I’m pretty darn impressed at how many small things can save the lives or reduce the risk of further danger. If u feel inspired check out your local first aid training center. For the Aussies people check St John’s !

Tech Love

Found an article regarding the upcoming upgrades in SL regarding better environment simulation, especially clouds and wind. Rivetting stuff! But it was needed as opposed to the droll same old weather.

Awesome Lifehack post on cool things you can do/check out with Google~ calculator, translator, movie reviews, weather, comics and more!! ahh too much!

Following onto the cool Google stuff, Google now offers ‘Google Hot Trends’ that is a service to track the fastest-rising search queries…what’s next?!!

Ever wanted to be famous online for your comical talents? Be recognised and rated by the world? Well Youtube is sponsoring a comedy sketch contest! The winner will receive a brand assignment and budget to feature on a partner drink site to showcase their new product line.


Lifestyle tip today is to get a Google account. Nuff said.

Today’s theme is….awesome gifs…Enjoy!


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Paris vs Arnie online, I’m telling on u…online, Fake SL numbers? Youtube vs Thailand round 4!

Midweek madness approaches….

Let’s hope we survive the onslaught! This is madness! No…this is SPARTA!!! Sorry, a 300 moment….man i enjoyed that movie as opposed to emo spidey 3….

OK! so let’s get today rollin!

Tech Love

So the words on everyone’s lips is about Paris getting owned and now she wants Arnie’s help…I think this quote summarises my view:

‘The Hilton hotel heiress “provides hope for young people all over the US and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives’

I think not she basicaly has no beauty as a person and is hardly exciting as a freakin’ sea cucumber. I hope she gets noobd in Prison by someone equivalent in strength as Domo kun. Man that would be awesome.

I can already feel today is gonna be a gooood blog….ahhh

So you love being a wuss and hiding behind a keyboard? Well here’s the article you’ve been dreaming of! Basically this article goes through sites where people rat on people…over the net and whinge….wa wa wa kinda like what I am subconsciously doing now. There are 3 websites on there for whingers to unite so get whinging 2.0 style!

Now I had previously covered the Youtube vs Thailand gig (read this link to get in the know) but who would’ve thought it would get to round 4?!!! Here’s the article for round 4…youtube might be headed to court!! (surprise surprise…) This sounds like a royal pain in the arse to me…just let the people speak in Thailand I mean now that you’ve shut em down they’re gonna come back stronger.

Finally, an indepth look into the hyped up SL numbers.  Worth a read plus I found an awesome Second Life parody website…get a First…awesome!

The last topic is basically a tech love and lifestyle tip in one so enjoy!

Today’s pics are dedicated to cool shirts….iPod and LMAO (laughing my ass off u noob!)



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