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Free Music from all sites! Greatest game reviewer!

First post of 2008!

Want that song from your fave artist’s myspace? Take it with Free Music Zilla! This clever little online music hack is compatible with most popular social music websites such as Mog, Imeem,, Pandora, Myspace, iJigg, and many others that have not been tested yet. Free Music Zilla offers the easiest way to download mp3 from Myspace and other social music sites.

Enjoy! I know I am!

Now there comes a time when we stumble upon greatness…this is one of those times.

Fantastic wit, awesome graphics and all round bad ass LOLs


You’ve heard him before from the halo 3 review I posted previously.

For a more recent review here’s Assasin’s creed:

For all the Mario fanboys heres some love

mario evolution


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Firefox vsOpera vs Ie, 10 best Borat skits of all-time! IM in Facebook?!

Hey guys! Giggitty Giggity! (You’ll laugh if you watch Family Guy)

This week has been pretty hectic, and its already midway so I believe we all need a good informative laugh!

Tech Love

Here’s the visual representation of Firefox vs Opera vs Internet Explorer if they were humanized hehehe (notice I don’t really care about IE)

So some of us need free stock images, when we’re designing sites, bored or just plain being artistic…so here’s 100 sources for free stock images. I like internets!

Stumbled upon a cool new blog to check out! Well here’s the post that led me to it, 5 ways to attract more comments! Good luck with your experiment dude!

IM (Instant messaging like MSN) in Facebook?! I’m addicted as it is!  Here’s mine LOL

If you love your Nintendo DS (Lite mind you) as much as I do this post is totally for you, but really anyone will find this post pretty damn funny….DIY signs made by shop owners (awesomely) using our favourite, most well known and loved gaming character Mario!!…LOL I LIKE!


Here’s a great find….The 10 best Borat skits of all-time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have many pairs of jeans but what happens when they get too old, here’s 25 uses for your old jeans!

I’ll end it with this pic hehe It’s mean and does push the line but hey I hope we aren’t too sensitive…boo!

fudge packer

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Kentucky Mario Bros. ‘Why we should run outside’ by Dan Lee, blogs and browsers!

A new week, inspirations soar and our journey continues……..

Tech Love
Was talking to a friend today…and was informed of an anti KFC called ‘Kentucky Fried Cruelty‘ the title says it all, the game super chick sisters on their site is awesome. Definitely makes one rethink the ethics of enjoying that bucket of Fried Chicken…

Australia is the proud country to be the first to pirate the Simpsons Movie, our 21 year old lucky contestant hails from Sydney and faces up to 5 years in jail…D’oh!

Ok, back to the real news, Gmail has been launched in 41 languages, and Hotmail has decided to up its user storage to 5 gigabytes from 2 but it doesn’t really mean it’s actually useful just 3 more gigs in space for spam….

The big question arrives when one decides to start a blog, what CMS should I use? So here’s a nice breakdown by Mashable on Movable Type 4 vs WordPress. Of course WordPress wins…lol

This one’s for the fans of Firefox like myself, where all the add-ons make our day…Here’s 30+ add ons/tools for bookmarking + relocating your fave searches.


Today, instead of giving links, I thought I’d make my own lifestyle article.

‘Why we should run outside’ – a way to open our minds, heighten our outlook and freshen the body.

So since I came back from Korea, it has been rather hard to get into the roll of things in my ‘normal’ life as it was somewhat of a fantasy world from the working life…like going back to university LOL for some strange reason today the issue was a little harder to get off my mind…so I decided I’d go for a run/jog/walk in the fresh air to clear my mind.

Little did I know this did wonders! Not only is my body freshened (or aching) but all the issues (what to do, where do my goals lie etc.) cleared up and made me look at things from the outside…now I don’t know if I’m actually making sense BUT basically if you have issues, situations that clutter your mind and need time to go through…:

  • Really consider going for a long stroll, take your mp3 player to block off all outside noise
  • Change your pace of speed when you can – skip, jog, run, walk – when you work up a sweat, then walk it off…that’s when everything seems to click
  • Things really aren’t as bad as our minds make them out to be…sometimes we’re our worst enemiesI hope that this has helped someone out there, if not it makes me commit more to doing a weekly run to declutter my week.

all the best to all and see you tomorrow!

Dan Lee



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Jobs the king of Web Music? Simpsonize me! Wired’s Best Facebook apps!

Thirsty Thursdays!

Hey guys, just letting you know as a precaution, I’ll be going to Korea for 2 weeks on this Saturday so please understand that I am getting rather busy this week hence my weak post yesterday…I’ll try my best to keep it as regular as possible! Also if conditions are good, I will also be starting up my vlog which has been delayed for so long. Thanks for all your support and readership I truly appreciate it!

Tech Love

On Yahoo! an article it has been declared that Steve Jobs is the most influential figure in Web Music out of 25…Number 2 was the pair from MySpace Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe followed by the ‘other pair’ Chad Hurley and Steve Chen from Youtube. For the rest of the list of 25 check the link above!

To promote the new film, Fox and Burger King (aka Hungry Jack’s in Australia) has teamed up to create the Simpsonizer. At, users can upload a photo of themselves and the application analyzes the face, transforming people into unique citizens of the fictional Springfield. Compiler has a whole list of tips to get one’s Simpsons alter-ego just right.

Here’s the list of Wired’s best Facebook Apps for Super Social Geeks! Nice Title!

Bloody hell Samus’s Smash Bros. moves look awesome! (Excuse my French but hey it looks like the ultimate Hadouken from her arm cannon!)


Advice for those in high school or college/university, how to write kick ass research papers! I’m also going to use this advice to maybe write some short stories in my free time…when I do you’ll be first to read and let me know what you think!

Here’s the link to what may seem like  an alien space ship but is in face the japanese sewer system!

Enjoy guys!

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One Mario Cake for Galaxy! MySpace is still king…iPod killer

Friday! Must I say more? Yes you say? Mario!

Tech Love

Check out the Mario Galaxy trailer for the Wii! And just to celebrate I thought why not find a shot of a pixel based Mario cake…I better save up for a Wii this game makes it totally worth and like all the other titles…Believe the hype! I want to wear a bumblebee suit now!

With all the speculation of Facebook, bebo, Orkut etc catching up here are some figures that show MySpace and Facebook head to head…shows that MySpace really isn’t losing ground as fast as we believe…

Why believe the hype? According to Yahoo! The article ponders the reality in the Wii actually taking over global PS2 figures which sit at a super comfortable 120 million. Shazam!!! I hope I buy the 120,000,001st Wii hehehe

Doctors warn people that their iPods can covert to lightning rods…not so cool now are they!!!! hehehe Need more evidence? Here’s the story of the dude who got shot down by lightning!!! Burnt nexk, chest, face, eardrums were ruptured and the tiny bones in his middle ears were dislocated, and his jaw broken in four spots…can you say this loud and clearly??? iOUCH!


here’s a way to safeguard your house when you’re at work…interesting story nice pics and does raise a good point..and yes the robber does look like BORAT!!!!!!!! HAHA I LIKE!

Office Politics flying around? Here’s a few great pointers. Whether you adhere is to your own discretion.

This picture is just weird…it’s basically what would happen if a company rebelled and took over a building and because I don’t want to spoil it check the rest out for yourself. IF you’re offended by cartoon nudity, sexual imagery please avoid. ( I warned you…a little but I do have you interested now hehe)

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