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Virtual worlds! MyMiniLife, OLPC, Improve your Speech

It’s a new week again…

Pretty chuffed (happy/ proud) that I finally finished God of War last night (PS2 game) LOL. Now to embark on my adventures in Final Fantasy on the GBA!!! Onto the real stuff!!

 Tech Love

Virtual Worlds according to GigaOM is set to flourish to 50 million by 2011, which basically means 80% of internet users will have a ‘second life’ but not necessarily Second Life LOL as the article suggest the best of virtual worlds is yet to come.

An interesting find today…Techcrunch’s article on a new embeddable virtual world called….. MyMiniLife. MyMiniLife is a Flash based virtual world/social network. Users create and customize a character and then build out a virtual space, adding walls, floors, doors, windows, etc. Users can then add customized goods ranging from lamps to cannons to the space, and embed video or photo elements into items, or link to web pages…looks like the Sims but not as cool as the Sims…yet or will it?

Here’s an article that discusses the progress of the OLPC in Uruguay….Really shows some positive steps towards the OLPC (one laptop per child) project one day although slow, becoming a reality.


Ever felt like you had the annoying squeeky voice of Beckham and just didn’t want to say nothing so you don’t ruin your image? LOL Or even felt like your voice doesn’t justify the cans of whoopass you dish out to people who are dumb enough to annoy you?

Here’s how to improve your voice and speech!

Today’s theme is….fanboys!

I know this is a touchy subject but please enjoy the pics and I’m sure someone…just someone will kill me tomorrow….

Here’s a link to a plethora of great fanboy pics!




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