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Best Life tips Post!!! woo! SL 3:1 Europeans than US, Virtual rape? Pimp Netvibes

Hope everyone had a refreshing or defreshing(?) weekend!

Today’s going to be very focused on making life easier, cooler and that much more interesting so keep your wits about and get ready to become an uber productive and interesting person!

Tech Love (tech love always comes first 🙂 )

Today is very SL focused~

It’s been found that Europeans outnumber US users on SL by 3 to 1! The article also goes on to discuss the ROI (return on investment, I swear we learn a lot of stuff on here…thanks wikipedia) on actually setting up an online presence in SL…oooo controversy!!!

Another controversial issue that popped up in SL was ‘virtual rape’…this article goes onto investigate a rape that supposedly occurred in SL…so what is virtual rape? read on!

How to pimp Netvibes…basically a website that has widgets to make your life oh so that much easier and happier. Please consider…LOL


we made it! Now check these awesome lifestyle enhancers~

Hate doing presentations or just feel that you lack the power to really kick ass when you present? Well here’s 5 powerful hacks to improve your presentations

The top 10 body hacks, featuring stopping brainfreeze, curing hiccups, think while you sleep to do well for exams the next day and more! a definite read!

Finally, this ones for the fans out there…make a NES controller wallet!!! AHHH so cool!!!! Now no one and I mean NO ONE can tell you what’s the real deal when you pay for dinner on a date LOL

Today’s themes are undeniably weird, I mean the first one is just awesome but i do give you a warning for language in the second pic. uh oh…

Have a great start to the week all!

waffle iron

too drunk

Parents are so cruel sometimes…

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