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How NOT to use Facebook, LCD/Plasma tips, Internets is our gf/bf? Block FB beacon.

Midweek mellow,

Hope we are all whipping open cans of whoop ass because we all deserve to be, oh yes we do! SHAZZAM!


Moving on…….

Tech Love

This article is one that made me freakin LOL all day! Basic story:

  • Noob guy lies to boss to get away for a costume party
  • Noob guy gets caught and tagged on a photo which is promptly uploaded to Facebook
  • Noob guy gets caught by company ass sniffer
  • Noob guys pixie costume and lite beer is plastered to the company and he is fired
  • Now jobless noob guy is famous on the net for being a total and utter fricktardmo.

Enjoy the whole story with pics here.

Now if you hate ads within your social network that is Facebook,  here’s a way to block Beacon in FB.

Too many it seems internets is a way to fill in for our bf/gf…check these stats. Makes one ponder upon where does the fine line between online social interactions actually start to hinder the offline? But then again, if you’re having fun who’s to judge? But you know, we all love the Star Wars kid (clip that will make u guffaw) .

Has your gf beat your ass at the game you claim to be awesome at? Get ready to get royally owned by the lady gamers…Chicks dig games is a new site designed for the refined female gamer that likes to frag, shank and pwn your lazy ass at games.

Here’s an article that will at least give you a guideline of what brands to consider and bash when purchasing a LCD or plasma TV.


Feeling a little down? emo? LOL Etavitom is the place to bring motivation and inspiration to your life!

The site bills itself as a “dashboard” consisting of up-to-date motivational and positive content.  Founder Brad Newman says of the site, “It is a place to spend two minutes or two hours. There is an abundance of profound content.” There’s a wide variety of content, ranging from inspirational quotes, helpful instructional videos, and a myriad of blog posts containing philosophical ruminations and life lessons.


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TGIF! 50 most influential bloggers, TechCrunch40 winner


Makes me wanna dance! Like this!

Vandamme DanceClick for an upclose encounter with Van Damme in ‘Breakdance’ the movie.

Now! Back to the blogging

Tech Love

While I may not be on the list (boo!) this is a list we should all check out for a read – NXe’s Fifty most influential bloggers – A highlight blog I would like to single out for review THIS WEEK to see some great web2.0 sites is TechCrunch’s posts after page 3, because they just had the TechCrunch40 event and announced all the stand out sites, the pages before page 3 are sweet too. won by the way – check it out:

“Mint is a personal finance application that lets users track and monitor their financials in one place without the need of routine maintenance or accounting knowledge. Their application tracks bank, credit union and credit card transactions and alerts users to upcoming bills, low balances or unusual spending. Mint’s patent-pending technology automatically categorizes transactions, so users know with precision where they are spending money, what their bank and credit balances are, and how much interest they have earned.”


If you like George Bush Don’t Click (I personally don’t care although he does have the IQ of a flower). If you like humor….Here’s a link to GB’s great speech towards Economics videoNOOB!

If you like grilled cheese sandwiches like I do, here’s a great link on how to hack your way into a totally ass whoopingly good grilled cheese sandwich. YEE HAW!

I sincerely thank you for your readership and chuckles we enjoy together.

Until we meet again next week, have an awesome weekend!

Remember, if you need a haircut – check out our sponsor below~~~ Yeh baby YEH!

nice haircut

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Lift your Myspace Profile to Facebook with Spacelift! LG YouTube Phone~

Hey guys! Long time no see huh?

Tech Love

With the ever continuing insurgence of people I know running over to Facebook from Myspace or finding that their MySpace is just way boring compared to their Facebok…but anyways back to the focus! If you ever have any noob friends that want to move to Facebook from MySpace but are just so freakin noob that you have to organise a meeting so you can hook them up…I hope (I really do) that you just send them this link to Spacelift which does the job for them! I’m sure a frustrated kind-hearted man was sick of noobs and made it work…whoever you are…thank you

Now I know everyone is iPhone this iPhone wa wa wa but hey! I thought I’d post on the opposite spectrum! LG will be releasing the YouTube phone! ( which looks purty…aww)

‘The LG KU990 Viewty has a 5-megapixel camera (DUDE!), a touchscreen, and YouTube integration. The good thing about this phone is its ability to shoot video at 120 frames per second, which is four times higher than your standard camcorder. This means that you’ll be able to take better video clips on the go. With its YouTube integration, you can upload those new videos directly to your YouTube account. You can also watch YouTube on the handheld as well.’ It sounds totally sweet to me! Although if I wanted a good camcorder I could just buy one…at least it’s some kick ass eye candy.

If you ever though MySpace would get smarter….WRONG! what? WRONG! what? WRONG! what? WRONG! The fools decided to go hey! I know what’ll uber boost our a$$es getting whooped…MySpace Fashion! If MySpace was a mom it would beat you up…and that hurts…deeply and emotionally (LOL I laugh at my own joke…ROFL LMAO LOL)

Here’s an article I stumbled upon…the cheapskate guide’s 50 tips for frugal living! The dude that made this is nuts! But hey I’m sure he’s savin mad money~ maybe we should too….oh hey! Threadless has a $10 sale on till September the 3rd! I wear large if you want to buy me a shirt! 😉

Hope you enjoyed this long awaited blog…sorry it took so long!’

Here’s a Russel Peters clip to make you happy!

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Wii Pwns! Youtube vids to PC,iPod, PSP, Mobile!300 Ultimate WordPress tools!

Hey guys I know my blogs have been less frequent then they should be…just been uber pwned since getting back here but don’t worry! I’ll blog as much as possible and will try to amp up the frequency to make up for the lack thereof!

Tech Love

The Wii is now the ultimate market leader in the sales of home console, taking over the Xbox 360 which could explain its price drop recently.Wii’s 10.57million sales to Xbox 360s Now all I have to do is wait till I have enough cash to actually buy one! Noobd.

Now there are times you just have to see your fave YouTube clip (one of many) on your PC, iPod, PSP and mobile to readily show everyone! Well here’s vconvert! The great thing about vconvert is that it’s not just limited to Youtube, it can download and convert any online videos! Enjoy!

Finally, Here’s the super uber list of 300 WordPress tools for your blog! How do I choose???


Mistakes not to make on the first date, but this list applies to most dates in general…Talking on the phone on a date? Get it right, very rude.

14 Foods that lower cholesterol…for all you diet heads out there!

Posting this pic teetered back and forth in my mind but I have decided to post it up due to its hilarity factor. I wish I could have witnessed this in real life, or do I? Brrrrrrrrrr…..

A definite WTF


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VirtualNES on Facebook! Top 10 competitive Video sites, Intel and the OLPC make Peace

Tanked up Tuesdays!

Hey guys another day has passed…and I’m back to bring the goodness oh yeah!

Tech Love

VirtualNES on Facebook!!! Must I say more click and play over 500 old school original NES games over an emulator in Facebook!!! SWEEET!

I love watching online videos as most of us do, so why not have the top 10 competitive video sites up on here!  From my personal favourite you can go check out the uber basic looking rate my dance moves and even Dare Junkies, lots of fun to be had on that list so check em out!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about the OLPC (one laptop per child aka $100 laptop) project, well here’s an article on the progress of the OLPC and Intel’s small ruckus they had as Intel had  similar product in the market in the low $200s…Supposedly they are now all good with each other and had face to face meetings even went out to say they had ‘joined forces’.

I meet people that use Engrish on a daily basis so here’s a  great way to minimise Engrish worldwide or hey learn another language! It’s called xlingo and its basically a community for the exchange of foreign languages. Sounds like fun? Then get going!

A super duper great app/site I happened to stumble upon was it’s a site that basically makes you a virtual chatroom you and friends can get onto if all of you don’t have Instant Messaging but have internet (Noob alert)…


10 Virtually instant ways to improve your life…Definitely worth a read and consideration.

An interactive visual representation of the effects of global warming worldwide, check it out and really see what’s happening. It got me thinking about where I can green up.

A pretty funny story about what kids think they hear up till the age of 16 by the New Yorker…put a smile on my face
What our sleeping style says about us…I’m a freefaller what are you?

Isn’t that enough fun for one day? Click the links I’ve hidden around for fun pics~

Have as much fun as I have writing for you today!

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