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Flickrvision!! SL mission, 101 ways to drive traffic away from ur blog,

Tiggity Tuesday!

Glad to see that everyone is enjoying our ‘Dance Responsibly’ website. Just reminding everyone you can make $3000 AUD for uploading a video of yourself or acquantaince…I want to enter AHH! Anyways…onto todays blog.

Tech Love

Flickrvision has launched and it is awesome, basically an interactive worldwide map that displays photos that are freshly uploaded and the location. A really welcome and cool addition to the land of Flickr!

A look into the minds behind 4 companies to invest in SL and their raison d’etre in the virtual world. (BMW, ABN Amro, Vodafone, PA Consulting)

Now we all want to know how to tell people to bugger off so here’s the blog way to do it…. 101 ways to drive traffic away from your blog! (I better check if i commit any of these LOL!)


Ever been pwned by your credit card company, bank or mobile phone carrier? Here’s the way to pwn them back! YEAH!!!

Today’s pics are dedicated to the credit card companies, banks and mobile phone carriers~


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New week!iTunes wants your $, The army+marketing?! Game accessories=bad relationship?

Hey guys, how was the weekend?

Some cool stuff today. First off let’s look at iTunes once balanced but now unbalanced iTunes pricing system. This move will probaby piss off everyone who actually buys (LOL…sorry I shouldn’t laugh) music online off iTunes who are used to the cool and easy to memorise 99cents per mp3 deal.

The army is coming ‘en force’ (french?) to bring in recruits with its super MMO (massively multiplayer online game) America’s Army.

Now we all knew that the army was behind America’s Army but now the Air Force wants some lurvin too, so they have started up a mobile marketing campaign targeted at the tech savvy. Basically if your mobile handset has bluetooth and ‘invite-enabled’ the second you come within reachable distance of the Air Force’s hubs, they’ll contact you and it’s up to you to check out their tour of their campaign to ‘do something amazing

Now we all love games and their accessories right? The bigger the better I say! Dammit virtual boy you are OK!

Well here’s an article from Yahoo! that says game accessories are killing relationships and the awesome family lives people already have.  It’s actually pretty interesting…I can recall many times games have taken precedence over dates and the such…oh Fire Emblem you are my true love!

Tell us if you’ve experienced the like with games or whatever…

In tribute to  morans (you’ll see why below) and apple’s iphone we all think is awesome… (i know this is old but i want to see it again!)




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Top5 viral videos that worsened lives+How to retaliate against your cellphone company+ weekend game shoppin

huhHey guys,

Just had a full on start to the weekend so I couldn’t blog earlier today.

Plus I bought 2 PS2 Games…LOL

God of War…I know I know i should have bought it WAY earlier

And World Championship Poker 2. On sale at EB games (the usual please…) 2 for 50AUD

So let’s have a fun blog for the weekend! YAY!

Here’s the top 5 viral videos that changed someone’s life (for the worst)

Awesome stuff! Go video resumes! HAHA it’s the bomb…

Also, ever felt the need to get some payback on your mobile/cell phone company?

Here’s how! Smash your Mercedes into their main building~

Well…Gonna keep it short today unfortunately, but wait for Monday as usual!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

here’s a pic that was number one on that caught my eye…(wilfing central too..LOL)

Political incorrectness at its best (worst?)


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