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Acquisitions galore~ top 60 Aussie web 2.0 apps, No youtube zones

Thursday has arrived~ hail the oh so close end to the week!

Tech Love

The recent trend that has not just caught my attention but the wider audience (you guys) is the acquisition bug. Here’s an article that entails the recent and major acquisitions. Just quickly for those that love to skim read instead of clicking a link… eBay acquires Stumbleupon $75m, Google acquires Panoramio, CBS acquires Last.FM $280m and Fox acquires Photobucket and Flektor. (links all in the URL)

Australia…far away from everyone and everywhere…but still in the groove, or should I say ‘down with the 411’ LOL Here’s the top 60 web apps 2.0 in Australia. I was rather impressed and surprised at the list~

This issue has come up before, Youtube being banned in countries…here’s a list of countries + map that have banned Youtube…Victoria?? WTF?!

I covered Entropia in a previous post (link), but here’s some sweet news, Entropia’s coming to China! It says in the article also that Second Life was in the running but got pwned…lol I like the sound of Entropia better anyways…

Lifestyle Lessons

Now Guy Kawasaki’s blog –  is a blog I admire and always love to check out, here’s a great excerpt from his blog about the 9 biggest myths of the workplace. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Being bullied? Know how to handle the bully by being in the know with the 411 (LOL sorry sorry sorry) I personally would take up kickboxing so you can pwn them like todays clip!

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MySpace to acquire Flektor, Yahoo Poker?! MySpace news…lame

Mid week madness prevails!

Let’s get straight onto the headlines!

Tech Love

The article first:                                                                                                                         MySpace will acquire Flektor, a service that allows users to create widgets from photos, video and text, I just created an account, just look up ‘daniellee’ to find me and my vids hehe. From what I can gather this is an awesome acquisition as Flektor is a very savvy service. Edit, photos, audio, webcam, movies and then integrate them from all your other web 2.0 accounts like flickr, myspace, photobucket and more! SWEET!

Yahoo! has just launched a play for money poker site! Interesting move this…Now while I do enjoy the odd game of poker I’m just shocked Yahoo! did this! Here’s the link to their poker site.

MySpace news as predicted, turns out to be a total lame launch. Here’s the article please remember to LOL


Ever feel like you can’t sleep? Kinda coming close to insomnia? Well here’s 9 ways to sleep so it counts. SWEET DREAMZ!

Todays pics are…frameable


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MySpace acquires PhotoBucket, Need lyrics? Yahoo! helps~E-Commerce 101

A bit of a hectic day I must say but always positive!

Hopefully we’re all still flying high on this second day of the week!

Tech Love

Today it was announced that MySpace would acquire PhotoBucket for the amount of $250million. What’s interesting was that at one stage MySpace actually had blocked PhotoBucket on profiles. now that they’re getting acquired there’s no need for a block and there’s all love in the building.

Now there are times where you hear that one song you love and you wish you knew the lyrics, OR you listen to a track where the artist says a line that sounds more Esperanto than English…well Yahoo! is here to save the day! Go to Yahoo! Lyrics~~ My one question is what the hell is Nelly Furtado doing in the top 10??!! we all know she sold out hard and her old stuff was much nicer on the ears.

Want to set up an online business? E-Commerce your thing? Well….Here’s 17 rules to create a successful E-Commerce website! Rather awesome with screen captures and nice descriptions. 


Think you’re environmental but lazy to action? Here’s 10 tips for the lazy environmentalists that we are. It’s the little things that can make the big differences.

Here’s something totally random I found today…A Jogging Flower Undersea…The sea lily is awesome.

Today’s pics are themed on muppets…the 2 sides of the story goes to ask if they’re evil or not (found on Ultimate Judgement)

Have a laff~!



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