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iPhone launch 29/6, Lifehack vid channel, Where does mario go when he dies?

Hey guys, 

Hopefully your weekends were awesome. If you ever get the chance please watch the Extras starring Ricky Gervais from the Office series  and it is hilarious(UK the original and the best, yes I said it wa wa wa). 

Tech Love

The iPhone is set to be unleashed to the hordes on the 29th of June…save your $ up because its set to be $500 plus…that’s not too bad…but still alot of money nonetheless hehe

Facebook doesn’t seem to stop lately and here’s an article stating that it has the potential to be the marketer’s paradise…why? They’re launching polls which can be targeted to the demographics…is it going to be spam mania? let’s wait…

Wouldn’t a video hotel review be wonderful (article), so you can see what sort of room and atmosphere you’re paying for before you book? Well roll up roll up~! Check out to see the real deal.


Need some assistance in everyday life such as how to perform the ‘man hug’ correctly, get your abs into shape or even fold your shirts uber quick and nice via video tuition…look no further! It’s VideoJug!

Today’s pic is again about…Mario! 

Now I always wondered where the hell do all the marios go after they die and fall down the screen…well, my parayers have been answered! Here’s the link to unsolve the mystery!!!



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Surface Computer?! Map wars! SL not so hot, Apple ain’t cool with MySpace

Mid-week it is! We got a lot to cover so let’s roll out the red carpet for your textual nirvana!!!

Tech Love

Microsoft has announced its Surface Computer…”Microsoft Surface.” No idea what a surface computer is? A Surface computer is able to recognize physical objects and allows hands-on, direct control of content such as photos, music and maps. Surface turns an ordinary tabletop into a dynamic surface that provides interaction with all forms of digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects.

The new product is aimed directly at hotels, retail establishments, restaurants and public entertainment venues and should be commercially available towards the end of the year. Checked out the video clip and was rather impressed! Pong anyone?

After yesterday’s post on Microsoft Live’s 3D maps…Google has come back with Google maps WITH 360 streetside views!!! I took a tour of New York again but on the street level today and really had a blast. Can’t wait to check out NYC one day…unless someone out there comes up with a super great innovation before I actually get there~ Maybe on World of Warcraft hehe

Now I know how much the media loves Second Life and how awesome it is for people and marketing activities and so on…Here’s another heartbreaker for them, here’s the real-life picture (I laugh I laugh) of what’s actually happening to these big names in the SL environment.

Apple ain’t such a big fan of MySpace? Interesting…well basically apple stores allow people to try out and tinker with their products, but when people rock up to check their MySpace…they decide to take their freakin time taking photos, commenting and basically not letting others test the machines…which has resulted in MySpace being banned in Apple stores. *Chortle chortle*


Keep your fave foods fresh! Here’s a clip for closing chip bags without the clip! And how to keep cookies fresh with bread??!!!

Today’s pic is…how to promote fights! Wish Don King had known this ages ago!



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Smarter PR and Microsoft in SL, OPhone?! eBay acquiring Stumble, Diet tip

Thiggity shiggity shwa~

It’s a fine Thursday that it is…Shall we commence?

Tech Love

Another fine article from micropersuasion, Steve Rubel discusses the future of virtual worlds and investing in them.

Following this, we have Microsoft opening up in SL and will be revealed today at 6pm SL time…so hop to it!

Apples brings out the iPhone so what does Microsoft do?? Unleash the OPhone!!!! Hilarious times for all…hehe

eBay is on the road to acquire StumbleUpon that allows web surfers to discover and share great websites~ looks like acquisation Christmas is here!

Finally, for those parents who are concerned about their childs music listening habits…Disney has come up with a solution har har! They’ve launched an online store for kid-focused singles, albums and music videos. Basically a child -friendly iTunes.


I stumbled (LOL) on this site that states eating a soup or salad before a meal helps weight loss by curbing hunger…so if anyone out there wants more lazy tips to get lean and mean, go crazy on salads and soups! blah….

On that note, today we have 2 special guests…harry potter and pokemon!

hehe go Ash.



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72% want out of Iraq, Promotion in SL, Myspace China? and OLPC




A new week has begun…

Adelaide is raining raining raining!

Hows your town?

So today’s headlines are that an astounding 72% of troops in Iraq want out in a year, 29% want out NOW and 23% they’ll stay as long as necessary. Read on!

Second Life, once again is being held as a potential ground for real-life brand and product promotion (silent cheer). 56% of SL users say that SL is a good promotional vehicle…there are a lot of cool facts regarding SL users so if you are an SL person chekkit!

Myspace is setting its sights on the second largest internet user market China…Word.

And finally an update on the One Laptop Per Child Project, they are jackin the price to $175???!!

Well, hope you guys enjoyed todays articles/reads, have a good one!

Today’s themes are thanks to people from work…LOL Jules and Luke

Enjoy! Meow!



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