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Wii Pwns! Youtube vids to PC,iPod, PSP, Mobile!300 Ultimate WordPress tools!

Hey guys I know my blogs have been less frequent then they should be…just been uber pwned since getting back here but don’t worry! I’ll blog as much as possible and will try to amp up the frequency to make up for the lack thereof!

Tech Love

The Wii is now the ultimate market leader in the sales of home console, taking over the Xbox 360 which could explain its price drop recently.Wii’s 10.57million sales to Xbox 360s Now all I have to do is wait till I have enough cash to actually buy one! Noobd.

Now there are times you just have to see your fave YouTube clip (one of many) on your PC, iPod, PSP and mobile to readily show everyone! Well here’s vconvert! The great thing about vconvert is that it’s not just limited to Youtube, it can download and convert any online videos! Enjoy!

Finally, Here’s the super uber list of 300 WordPress tools for your blog! How do I choose???


Mistakes not to make on the first date, but this list applies to most dates in general…Talking on the phone on a date? Get it right, very rude.

14 Foods that lower cholesterol…for all you diet heads out there!

Posting this pic teetered back and forth in my mind but I have decided to post it up due to its hilarity factor. I wish I could have witnessed this in real life, or do I? Brrrrrrrrrr…..

A definite WTF


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Google to Mashup Googlemaps! iPhone blended?! Facebook & Google sumo fights.

Warmed up Wednesdays! Today’s blog is going to be awesome. Guaranteed a great read and knowledge builder, or is it just my opinion?? Let me know what you think.

Tech Love

So Google maps is an awesome free service that I use often,  so why not allow all great mashups that show tabs and feature spots available to users? So they can choose what they want to see at where they’re going to or want to be!…all free to customisation! I like the sound of this and totally look forward to the mashups “mapplets” being thrown onto our maps!

As if this was going to be skipped? Will the iPhone blend? Let’s see!

Facebook and Google are both gatherers of information, on us basically…while Google has always held their fort in regard to what we search for, they have never had Facebook has…”a network of connections between people that creates a viral distribution platform unrivaled by any portal or search engine.” Thus in metaphorical illustration…if it was a sumo fight Google would be getting a little sweaty under that………colourful napkin? HEHE

Are you an aspiring cartoonist? Get your comics judged by DC editors over Zudacomics! If you’re successful you’ll be rewarded with a one-year contract!

Feel like firing or breaking up with someone over instant messaging? Here are the real facts!  Scary really….in fact to really feel the pain shouldn’t we try it out? I think we should all find online dates and try it out. Feel the crush of my emoticons!!!! GYAHAR! 🙂

217 million people play games online…*click* check the stats and graphs! Guess who’s number one? hehe


Ever wanted to know the 10 greatest advancements in Fast Food? Check it here! Number 10 is my fave…hehe

On a random note…here is a mouse on a mouse.



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SL court case, Transformer facts, Teach teens via Virtual Worlds, Drink Water!

Once again I am bogged with the real life, that is making my online life harder to maintain. So let’s get it started on this wonderful technically July the 4th hurray! woo!

Tech Love

So we embark on another Second Life case after a drought of news on them. What is it this time? It’s an alleged case of copyright infringement. It’s a rather X-rated case so if you’re 15 or younger avert your eyes! If not, please feel free to click away if you don’t get offended easily.

So you have no idea how to let your teen into the world of the birds and the bees, Racism and those with disabilities? Why not let the virtual worlds teach them? “The study found that the gaming actually enhanced their imagination and also allowed them to peer into other cultures they wouldn’t normally come in contact with” Rather true if you think about all the jibber jabber we do while pwning someone online.

So now to some Transformers related cool facts.

The 10 coolest fictional trucks…can you guess which one is number one before you click?

The 7 most useless Transformers, I don’t agree with number 7 damnit! He’s awesome and we can’t live without him! The other ones are just hilarious LOL please consider a read!


Finally, 9 reasons as to why we should drink more water.

I know this is highly controversial and very machoistic guy stuff and I am sorry to the female crowd but I did find it on the net and it did make me laugh that these guys took the time to ruin their chances of getting laid ever again, unless it’s between themselves…which is well….priceless. LOL


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Creating a Pandadan VLOG

Hey guys I’m setting up another new installation for my blog series….

I want to integrate a VLOG so maybe have a weekly or monthly vlog whatever frequency we all feel is right and then off we go! I first need a theme an idea…so that’s my job tonight…Other than that I hope by tomorrow I’ll have completed a vlog and posted it up for all to see and have it linked here!

Oh by the way…Vista is killing me…I must admit it does look nice though hehehe

Tech Love

Here’s a great article by Steve Rubel on the community online and the gluing together of the online to the offline. Or in easier wording my virtual life to my real life. It’s definitely an interesting read! It’s obviously got a nice focus on PR which brings the issues of online PR’s growing importance as another communication tool in our handy tool kits!

Oh and if you didn’t know already…THIS IS…SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!


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MySpace vs Facebook, man vs woman in arguments…all revealed!

Hey team! It’s Friday and after yesterday’s rant on social networking sites…(unfortunately there won’t be a part.2 for now 🙂 ) I’ve decided to give a greater lifestyle focused blog today….after the Tech Love of course! hehe

Tech Love

A great article that breaks down the market/audience of MySpace versus Facebook. Basically, they present different solutions for different demographics. MySpace – think a teen’s bedroom…wallpaper, photos, posters, texts about the hottest guy/girl/band etc… On the other hand we have Facebook – which is more popular among university students and graduates, the interface’s customising capabilities are greatly reduced, but the emphasis is more on functionality. So where do you stand/lie? I’m in both…but having a great time experimenting with Facebook’s apps/widgets.


So onto today’s lifestyle section that’s going to be a little bit more weighty!

I actually saw this on Digg ages ago but I thought everyone should be aware of this…Here’s how con artists steal your money from an ATM while acting like your good Samaritan…evil pure evil these people. I hope that dude got madly pwned by the Iron Sheik.

Now if you’re like me there are times during the day where staying awake is the hardest to-do task on my list…well here’s an interesting blog on designing the perfect nap just for you! Now to get some practice in…

Finally, ever wanted to know the chances of a man winning an argument with the opposite sex over time? While I believe men are just perceived to be the lower species in arguments, I beg to differ…I believe in equality! (I wonder if some of the female audience were about to cut my family jewels neck until they saw the second part hehe) Well it all comes down to this graph…Just look below! hehehe


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