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Flickrvision!! SL mission, 101 ways to drive traffic away from ur blog,

Tiggity Tuesday!

Glad to see that everyone is enjoying our ‘Dance Responsibly’ website. Just reminding everyone you can make $3000 AUD for uploading a video of yourself or acquantaince…I want to enter AHH! Anyways…onto todays blog.

Tech Love

Flickrvision has launched and it is awesome, basically an interactive worldwide map that displays photos that are freshly uploaded and the location. A really welcome and cool addition to the land of Flickr!

A look into the minds behind 4 companies to invest in SL and their raison d’etre in the virtual world. (BMW, ABN Amro, Vodafone, PA Consulting)

Now we all want to know how to tell people to bugger off so here’s the blog way to do it…. 101 ways to drive traffic away from your blog! (I better check if i commit any of these LOL!)


Ever been pwned by your credit card company, bank or mobile phone carrier? Here’s the way to pwn them back! YEAH!!!

Today’s pics are dedicated to the credit card companies, banks and mobile phone carriers~


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MySpace acquires PhotoBucket, Need lyrics? Yahoo! helps~E-Commerce 101

A bit of a hectic day I must say but always positive!

Hopefully we’re all still flying high on this second day of the week!

Tech Love

Today it was announced that MySpace would acquire PhotoBucket for the amount of $250million. What’s interesting was that at one stage MySpace actually had blocked PhotoBucket on profiles. now that they’re getting acquired there’s no need for a block and there’s all love in the building.

Now there are times where you hear that one song you love and you wish you knew the lyrics, OR you listen to a track where the artist says a line that sounds more Esperanto than English…well Yahoo! is here to save the day! Go to Yahoo! Lyrics~~ My one question is what the hell is Nelly Furtado doing in the top 10??!! we all know she sold out hard and her old stuff was much nicer on the ears.

Want to set up an online business? E-Commerce your thing? Well….Here’s 17 rules to create a successful E-Commerce website! Rather awesome with screen captures and nice descriptions. 


Think you’re environmental but lazy to action? Here’s 10 tips for the lazy environmentalists that we are. It’s the little things that can make the big differences.

Here’s something totally random I found today…A Jogging Flower Undersea…The sea lily is awesome.

Today’s pics are themed on muppets…the 2 sides of the story goes to ask if they’re evil or not (found on Ultimate Judgement)

Have a laff~!



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A more Adelaide focused blog…+ music recommendations!

here’s a small post to redeem myself from yesterdays sick post…

Ok so I’ve left Adelaide (my hometown in South Australia) out of the frame for a while and that’s not that cool… 😦 so here’s a blog about Adelaide, music and dancing. A more ‘lifestyle’ based blog yes? YES.

So what music am I listening to these days…a crazy mix i’m afraid:                                         

John Mayer – Gravity, Why Georgia, Your body is a wonderland

Jedi Mind Tricks – (all albums)

Cypress Hill – Rock/Rap Superstar

Evenescence – (a few tracks)

Lauryn Hill – doo wop

Common – the food, faithful, the light

That’s enough for now…I’m gettin too into it.

So Adelaide people are always like ‘where are you goin out this weekend?’ The answer depending on your friend is either A) ‘the usual place ‘vodka bar/ red square/ distil’ B) ‘out’ (means at home) so yeh you can pwn them then or later in the weekend review although I really do like stayin home….

WHY stay at home? DVDs, food at ready (quality mind you), gaming, friends, gaming! and also if you didn’t notice already….the same people go to the same club on the same night every week in Adelaide so if you wanna meet the same ole ‘wankers’ (for the American equivalent ‘douche bag’) every week that is your choice, i prefer it in bi-monthly doses if at all. As my douchebad-radar doesn’t like to get over heated. LOL Well there’s a random rant we all love.

OKAY! Finally, Adelaide, we got a lot of cool eateries and cafes. But my question for all y’all cultured chocolate lovers is….Do you love A) Cocolat OR B) Chocolate Bean???

I like Cocolat more…so what about you?

For the worldwide fans, Ben & Jerrys or Baskin Robbins (links for these not included cause I assume you have gots to know to vote!)

DUE to me not being  able to chuck a poll up we’ll do it via comments…sorry team!

I’ll edit scores at the bottom. (No pics this is all text-content BABAYYY!!)

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Consumers and Social tech, Fix a car dent w/ air+hair dryer, God of War 2 owns!!!

Hello gang!

Today I’m back, feelin swell~

So let’s start the day off with a fun report on consumers, their levels of participation with social web technologies such as blogs, videos, social websites, RSS, podcasts etc. (wiki them if you are in dire help)

So here’s an awesome find from lifehacker~

How to fix a car with canned air and a hair dryer!

God of War2 owns all of March in sales! GRAHAHAHA SPARTA!!!

Random guy puts his mobile/cell number on youtube and listens to peoplewhine…just read it….and maybe give him a call!

Todays pics are about nintendo and toilet humour!! hurray!


have a great day!

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Finetune w/iTunes, Second Life call centers and Defining – “Wilfing”,




TGIF!!! (Thank God it’s Friday for those that are new to this)

Seeing as its close to the weekend, let’s go with a more ‘entertainment’ and ‘fun’ based blog today.

An article (a cool breakdown of the service) on Finetune my current and favourite music player at the moment…has integrated its service with iTunes and is given a pretty sweet rave review.

Love call centres? I know many things I love more! Hitting myself, doing online surveys, hanging out with noobs…etc. Here’s a way to avoid an experience we all love. (Feature article…so the next part makes sense…LOL!)

Second Life, everyone’s freaking love bug of a virtual world (i kinda go on it…) has been referred to as a potential future call centre solution. Basically, virtually staffing SL offices with employees to handle problems…remember SL terrorism? This could work if people were as friendly as big corporations…LOL (my business joke of the day) It’s a nice thought which does get rid of some factors of annoying call centres, BUT! let’s wait and see what happens…I’d first like to see Linden Labs try and moderate the world…(It won’t happen, and if it does…BOOM SL is dead).

Finally, I came across this interesting article and the term called ‘Wilfing’ – It stands for”What was I looking for?” – the act of wandering aimlessly through the Web’s endless hyperlinks. We’re all guilty I believe… The article goes onto express that many users are ‘Wilfing’ too much and are potentially spending 2 days a month on aimless web surfing. They also say it’s bad for relationships, life in general etc…wa wa wa

What they forgot to mention is…Wilfing is done by choice! We love it! Or do we? Let me know what you think, or if your relationship died because of it…LOL (tell me also if i use LOL too much or if it adds a ‘kick’ into the humour)

Have an awesome Friday!

Here’s 2 pics themed on fun sports we should all ‘dive’ into (witty no?)


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