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Bill Gates = street cred +1, 3 Geekerisms, 2007s 3 big web trends chartered

Most of the time we all think Bill Gates is the ultimate evolution form of the geek:

– The kid you payed out can now buy your family and make them dig for lemmings

– Likes computers and has oversized frames that make Steve Urkle look less retarded

– At one stage (for a long ass time) had social skills that equate to that of a home schooled man girl (WTF?).

ANYWAY this clip made my respect for him that is already upmost, skyrocket. Not only  has he created an empire, he knows how to have a good laugh. The man is a role model for all, unless you think otherwise but meh.

 Great post by Steve Rubel from Micropersuasion –  And the 3 web trends are:

1. Social Networks

2.  Microblogging

3. Web Applications

Check the link for a detailed synopsis.

Here’s a great article.

A Mexican boy by the name of Diego, glued his hand to his bed because he didn’t want to go to school hahaha

‘Palacios said Diego sneaked into the kitchen in the early morning to get the industrial glue, which he then slathered on his right hand. She didn’t hear him get up, but later awoke and found him watching TV with his hand stuck to the bed, she told Mexican newspaper El Universal.’

Best quote today.  LINK to the article

On a green note for 2008 –

A list of 21 things we supposedly didn’t we could recycle!

Not only do i dislike gym buffs I dislike the actual gyms. From being tried to be sold to sign a contract that was 2 years+ to being hounded there after to join. If you’re looking to join a gym put some serious thought into it before you sign a contract – go for a short term or a per session basis.

Here’s a super list to keep you in check before you make a ‘dumb and dumber’ moment as you sign the contract.

Finally for all those that are looking into buying a next- gen gaming console. Here’s a chart to help you make your decision that much more easier. I have a wii….and a PC.


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How NOT to use Facebook, LCD/Plasma tips, Internets is our gf/bf? Block FB beacon.

Midweek mellow,

Hope we are all whipping open cans of whoop ass because we all deserve to be, oh yes we do! SHAZZAM!


Moving on…….

Tech Love

This article is one that made me freakin LOL all day! Basic story:

  • Noob guy lies to boss to get away for a costume party
  • Noob guy gets caught and tagged on a photo which is promptly uploaded to Facebook
  • Noob guy gets caught by company ass sniffer
  • Noob guys pixie costume and lite beer is plastered to the company and he is fired
  • Now jobless noob guy is famous on the net for being a total and utter fricktardmo.

Enjoy the whole story with pics here.

Now if you hate ads within your social network that is Facebook,  here’s a way to block Beacon in FB.

Too many it seems internets is a way to fill in for our bf/gf…check these stats. Makes one ponder upon where does the fine line between online social interactions actually start to hinder the offline? But then again, if you’re having fun who’s to judge? But you know, we all love the Star Wars kid (clip that will make u guffaw) .

Has your gf beat your ass at the game you claim to be awesome at? Get ready to get royally owned by the lady gamers…Chicks dig games is a new site designed for the refined female gamer that likes to frag, shank and pwn your lazy ass at games.

Here’s an article that will at least give you a guideline of what brands to consider and bash when purchasing a LCD or plasma TV.


Feeling a little down? emo? LOL Etavitom is the place to bring motivation and inspiration to your life!

The site bills itself as a “dashboard” consisting of up-to-date motivational and positive content.  Founder Brad Newman says of the site, “It is a place to spend two minutes or two hours. There is an abundance of profound content.” There’s a wide variety of content, ranging from inspirational quotes, helpful instructional videos, and a myriad of blog posts containing philosophical ruminations and life lessons.

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Gmail enables IMAP support,Best TV links, Reach Your Dream, TechCrunch is my BFF?

Hullo and greetings all!

I wish you that we are all having a week of fruition~

Shall we begin? Here’s a random funny pic to get us started…think North Korea and Team America.

Here’s a random link…8 super heroes that are actually douche bags LOL I don’t think Ironman can ever be a douchebag though damnit! He’s way too awesome to be deemed so, anyone agree with me? Please agree. It’s Ironman. IRONMAN.

Tech Love

Gmail is enabling IMAP support,  What is IMAP you ask? TechCrunch explains it perfectly:

If you don’t know about IMAP, it allows you to manage your email account from different computers and clients without having to worry about replication issues. For example, if you delete an email message in Thunderbird, that message will no longer show up when you use a webmail interface. If you were to use POP – the primary alternative to IMAP – then you would have to manually delete the message from both places because a copy of each message would be downloaded to Thunderbird. Therefore, IMAP provides a much more synchronized solution whereas POP fails to realize that you want to deal with your email once for all points of access.

so feel free to email me with a question or opinion, suggest a humorous pic, clip and more!

Why not veg out with your PC or (for the luxurious) laptop by watching TV on it, now it’s not rocket science but I do prefer seeing my shows when I want to see them. So here’s a nice list of TV links for all! HUrrah! (Thanks Teddy)

If you is lonelies like I is and need a BFF (best friend forever), Techcrunch’s Crunchgear introduces BFF! The basic description is:

‘a sideblog that enables you, our potential and actual readers, to talk back, respond to posts, and generally try your hand at blogging so we can drink more Tab and watch daytime TV.’


IMO (in my opinion) we should all have dreams/ goals/ visions that are true renditions of who and where we want to position ourselves in life. At the moment, I just want to learn, learn and learn about this industry and grow my passion for it so I can effectively become someone like the Muhammad Ali of Geek Marketing.

Well, (sorry for the side track) we should help our dream become reality, here’s a nice post on how we can make our dreams that one step closer.

Why peoples in the 18-35 demographics should save for the future. Phew glad I’m pretty frugal….If only eBay didn’t exist…

We can fit one more pic can’t we?

Here it is! Don’t mess with my homies y’all!


Have a great week all!

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TGIF! 50 most influential bloggers, TechCrunch40 winner


Makes me wanna dance! Like this!

Vandamme DanceClick for an upclose encounter with Van Damme in ‘Breakdance’ the movie.

Now! Back to the blogging

Tech Love

While I may not be on the list (boo!) this is a list we should all check out for a read – NXe’s Fifty most influential bloggers – A highlight blog I would like to single out for review THIS WEEK to see some great web2.0 sites is TechCrunch’s posts after page 3, because they just had the TechCrunch40 event and announced all the stand out sites, the pages before page 3 are sweet too. won by the way – check it out:

“Mint is a personal finance application that lets users track and monitor their financials in one place without the need of routine maintenance or accounting knowledge. Their application tracks bank, credit union and credit card transactions and alerts users to upcoming bills, low balances or unusual spending. Mint’s patent-pending technology automatically categorizes transactions, so users know with precision where they are spending money, what their bank and credit balances are, and how much interest they have earned.”


If you like George Bush Don’t Click (I personally don’t care although he does have the IQ of a flower). If you like humor….Here’s a link to GB’s great speech towards Economics videoNOOB!

If you like grilled cheese sandwiches like I do, here’s a great link on how to hack your way into a totally ass whoopingly good grilled cheese sandwich. YEE HAW!

I sincerely thank you for your readership and chuckles we enjoy together.

Until we meet again next week, have an awesome weekend!

Remember, if you need a haircut – check out our sponsor below~~~ Yeh baby YEH!

nice haircut

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Idiot Panda…Make monies on Facebook, Bargain paradise! Blog on iPhone

Hey guys, if you’re out there!!!!!!!~

I have been a fool and have not written even once last week! What’s going on!!??? I gotta step my game up seriously! Now rest assured that I am still reading around and getting’s just that getting that 1 hour to sit and type has slowly become less and less of a mandatory process so here I am forcing myself to get back on track at 12:40 am…hehe

Tech Love

Want to make monies on Facebook? Here’s the Lemonade app link to be on your way to make monies from da internets through Facebook!

Damnit Sony I want one of your new rolling and slammin mp3 players!

We can now blog via freakin Typepad on the iPhone~ woo…yay *insert sarcasm*

For over a 100 bargain deal finding sites…check this link list here! And we (or I) thought deals online didnt exist anymore~


I have white teeth but after a coffee or a coke they can become slightly tinged, so here’s an uber sweet way to keep em shiny white with guess what? Strawberries and baking soda!!!

For all the health conscious out there, I know I should be but meh ice cream wins all! Here’s 60+ health and fitness sites…I actually might look into getting some motivation to move my body once in a while!

Awesome little story on teen ninjas running wild in Seattle.…ahhh the days of youth…I am ninja he is ninja we are ninja too~~~ lalala

Here is some image love…some random market that thought ‘meat’ is a sufficient description for its meat…it’s funnier if you THINK about it!!! phew…


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