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Time’s 5 worst sites! Great life Instructions, Wikipedia news!

Hey guys,

Thrifty Thursdays is back! I have to go run to the pub to defend my title as Poker tournament winner this week so I have limited time…hehe wish me luck!

Tech Love’s 5 worst sites!  LOL at MySpace and Second Life!

Wikipedia is the new news site king!  “In the past year, Wikipedia has had a flux of 20 million unique monthly visitors, making it far and away the top online news and info destination, according to Nielsen/NetRatings (Reuters).Wikipedia had 46.8 million visitors in May, up 72 percent from June of last year, making it the top site in the news and information category by a wide margin.” I love Wikipedia…how it guessed Benoit’s tragedy I have no idea.

Get fit, lose weight on a Wii…how? on the Wii Fit!  Video included! This is freakin sweet! Enjoy Wii lovers!

28% of webusers worldwide frequent gaming sites! I knew we were a growing breed! Hehehe


Here’s a list of great Life Instructions that we should know…or should we? What do you think is one that isn’t on the list? This one’s for Dave…I’m my own Hero!! (number 45)

This robot pwns!


Wish me luck and see you very soon!


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SL court case, Transformer facts, Teach teens via Virtual Worlds, Drink Water!

Once again I am bogged with the real life, that is making my online life harder to maintain. So let’s get it started on this wonderful technically July the 4th hurray! woo!

Tech Love

So we embark on another Second Life case after a drought of news on them. What is it this time? It’s an alleged case of copyright infringement. It’s a rather X-rated case so if you’re 15 or younger avert your eyes! If not, please feel free to click away if you don’t get offended easily.

So you have no idea how to let your teen into the world of the birds and the bees, Racism and those with disabilities? Why not let the virtual worlds teach them? “The study found that the gaming actually enhanced their imagination and also allowed them to peer into other cultures they wouldn’t normally come in contact with” Rather true if you think about all the jibber jabber we do while pwning someone online.

So now to some Transformers related cool facts.

The 10 coolest fictional trucks…can you guess which one is number one before you click?

The 7 most useless Transformers, I don’t agree with number 7 damnit! He’s awesome and we can’t live without him! The other ones are just hilarious LOL please consider a read!


Finally, 9 reasons as to why we should drink more water.

I know this is highly controversial and very machoistic guy stuff and I am sorry to the female crowd but I did find it on the net and it did make me laugh that these guys took the time to ruin their chances of getting laid ever again, unless it’s between themselves…which is well….priceless. LOL


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Creating a Pandadan VLOG

Hey guys I’m setting up another new installation for my blog series….

I want to integrate a VLOG so maybe have a weekly or monthly vlog whatever frequency we all feel is right and then off we go! I first need a theme an idea…so that’s my job tonight…Other than that I hope by tomorrow I’ll have completed a vlog and posted it up for all to see and have it linked here!

Oh by the way…Vista is killing me…I must admit it does look nice though hehehe

Tech Love

Here’s a great article by Steve Rubel on the community online and the gluing together of the online to the offline. Or in easier wording my virtual life to my real life. It’s definitely an interesting read! It’s obviously got a nice focus on PR which brings the issues of online PR’s growing importance as another communication tool in our handy tool kits!

Oh and if you didn’t know already…THIS IS…SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!


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The Virtual Worlds of today, Johnny Depp freaked pt.2! DS LOVE!

Another new Friday has come by, and we all bid the weekdays farewell so that we can all enjoy the much awaited relaxing(or partying) of the weekend.  So without much further ado I give you today’s blog~

Tech Love

3D virtual worlds are like totally hot at the moment LOL so….why not break each of them down and check out what they have to offer? Here’s the link!

I’ve been going through all my favourite spots to get articles or interesting news but the world out there seems to know it’s Friday and totally slows down too..LOL Anyways that’s  my whinge of the day gone so let’s get back to it.

Here’s a cool article from Kotaku about Jessica Alba and her Nintendo DS…*sigh* when will i pwn her over the DS…

Oh by the way I bought God of War 2 at half price yesterday…yes I’m broke but hey now I can rest in peace…I also bought…(Final Fantasy 3, Rub Rabbits and Lost Magic for the DS) ….ramen for a month….phew…


Here’s how to remove gum from clothing….I needed this earlier in life!

Today is humour central because I want to laugh and laugh today like a Pokemon. Snorlax…hehe ANYWAYwhen you thought yesterday’s Johnny Depp scare was crazy enough…I found part2HERE CLICK NOW!!! AHAHAHA the laughs continue to roll, awkward, crazy, Engrish it’s got it all!

And as an extra here’s a funny pic with the theme…about me and how I feel Bomberman DS would be like in human form…totally useless…dude WTF?! I hate him so much right now…grr! Trade him for a real bad game like Ping Pals! AHHBomberman

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YouTube minimizes Engrish, eBay pwns Google, SL steppin’~ Johnny Depp WTF?!

Thugged out Thursdays are my fave~

Tech Love

Engrish is all around us,  but we should allow for all Engrish users to not have to use Engrish but go for their native tongue. That’s why yesterday Flickr added 7 languages but today Youtube plans to expand its language base also! French and Mandarin are the languages expressed in the article so far…lookout for more…

eBay pwns the crap out of Google…the article says it all.

We have 2 new entries to Second Life today…and they are…Beverage maker Diageo and Japanese politician Kan Suzuki who hopes to get re-elected.

Like to think of yourself as a bit of a writer? Well here’s a way to get published for $19! I’ll probably give myself  around 6 months before I publish my  literature…LOL


Here’re some shaving tips which I also needed to know…hehe



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