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Must-know facts of HDTV, Gun laws in the US? Shrek vs Fat people? Sheep=Poodle in Japan? LOL

Greetings! TGIF (oh come on you should know this by know!) again!

I’ve read so much about HDTV and how awesome it is etc. so I came across this article and seeing as I’m considering getting one it serves as uber handy! Chekkit!

So since the VT shootings (here’s a link back to my views) where do gun laws stand? This article delves into the line where we should or shouldn’t provide certain individuals with firearms especially regards the mentally unhealthy. A good read.

For a fun read people are pissed off that Shrek is the voice for the fight against child obesity.

On a bizarre tip, Japanese people were duped into buying  which were actually sheep LOL pwned!

Today’s pics are given to you by….The Police and Captain America!



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VT tech search= malicious spam+hacked? Dr.Phil versus you! + The Virtual world Rich list




Hey all,

How are we doing? TGIF! hurray!

So today I came across this article wherein hackers and spammers are using the term ‘slayings at Virginia Tech’ to lure people to be infected by malicious software.

Just goes to show that there’s always someone out there that uses others tragedy as their gain.

Once again my friend, your friend OUR friend Dr.Phil is back…….

Here’s what he had to say…basically linking video games to the VT shootings, once again making life harder for us gamers.

So out of nowhere Kazaam! (sorry this was too tempting LOL go Shaq!) Rush Limbaugh comes out to back the gamers

Which goes to Howard Stern who plainly called Dr.Phil an ‘(edited) asshole’

And thus ends the trilogy to Mordor.

Finally, for all the lovers out there of SL and virtual worlds…here’s the rich list of those in SL that are making serious cash!

Today’s pic theme is Yao Ming and Noob Darth Vader



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VT mourners on SL, Will Ferrel makes online channel, wanna make life easier? need macgyver? Life Hacker: Cool DIY and reasoning behind ‘violent’ games

Hey guys,


Due to the tragedy that has occurred, the virtual world has been just as active by creating a memorial inside Second Life. While some may say this is stupid and pointless, it is a way in which those that cannot be at VT can reach out.

Thanks to Julian for this link on yesterday’s blog!

So people are blaming left front and center that violent games are the cause of many violent acts… Here’s an article that looks into why are violent games so popular? and are they really desensitizing? While many play to ‘escape’ reality which is totally fine by me, their comment that follow, is what makes a statement.

“However, gamers do concede that people “who are already unhinged in some way” may be pushed over the edge if they play violent games obsessively. ”

An awesome site I love to look at daily is LifeHacker. If you don’t know it already, they feature awesome tech hacks and general life hacks (basically teaches you how to become ninja/ macgyver) such as alternative effective ways to kill bugs, how to make your etch a sketch a frame and more!

Finally for your funny ‘hit’ for the day check out Will Ferrel’s video channel and upload site! Funny or die!


Here’s 2 fun pics that go back to my noob post, and for the muppets fans out there!(altho i admit the kermit one isnt uber funny…)so as a back up…here’s an easy way to get crabs! (maturity jumped out the window for this one)



Thanks guys!



ps is it just me or is youtube down?!!!

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