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Facebook launches its platform, Amplify the car remote with your head?! World’s thinnest Notebook!

TGIF y’all!

It’s been hectic, it’s been wonderful it’s been all that and more…now to let it all wind down before I jumpstart the weekend.

Tech Love

Facebook launches their platform as the anti MySpace! Laying down further emphasis of ‘selling out’, I’m actually getting into facebook…LOL

Here’s an interesting fact…48% of leisure time is spent online…my percentage is like way over….does that mean I’m superior?? LOL

A quick premonition on web 3.0 by Dave Winer… now this was a rather interesting view that discusses the fading line of professional and amateur media.

 The world’s thinnest notebook! DA DAYUM this is thin! Nah seriosuly it’s like a business card….nahh well it’s thin!


Here’s a way to amplify your car remote well by… literally using your head!

Pics… pics pics….I gotta go to beer o’clock so will feverishly try to upload some later tonight!


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