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Domain Names 101, Healthy Skin 101, Widget!:Google Translate

How does one stay unique and true to what they represent? in a time of tumultuous noobs and gurus where everyone is on the lines buyin up every domain name they can think of – Here’s a great post from Half Again Marketing (Link to Blog)

We all want clearer skin and aspire to have skin so clean one can eat nachos off without fretting. Unfortunately not all of us have this privilege so here are some steps towards a cleaner surface area of skin. (link to Blog)

For those that have many international guests to their blog, here’s a nice widget by Google that’ll translate your site for these happy foreign readers! (Link to Widget)

Three untapped values of Social Networks by Chris Brogan (Great blog here)

Another great moment in the life of George W Bush at  a Press Conference…’I got a B in Econ 101….’WTF? (The Clip is HERE)

A game show format puzzler/brain teaser(choose the car behind the right door out of 3)  it’s namely the Monty Hall Problem. (It’s a clip HERE)

How does the new design look?

It’s still raw and I have to put back in widgets etc. So hold tight!

Thanks for all your support!

To top it off! A morally incorrect image!


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Facebook’s RSS feeds, iPhone+Facebook?! Link included! MySpace drug education?!

Well my return to blogging has been nothing but smooth but we truck on!

Tech Love

Facebook keeps opening up and winning the fans such as I who is well on my way to merging from MySpace to Facebook…this time round the boys, gals and bots at Facebook have opened up their data feeds for us to enjoy…certainly more fun than finding out you’ve been zombified (in-facebook joke *chortle chortle*)

So Facebook is now on the iPhone too! Now while I may not have access to an iPhone I can wonder how much fun it would be to behold it on my mobile handset that is a generation behind…hehe

Here’s an interesting find, MySpace has opened up a space to educate the youth on drugs…’Drug Addiction 411’…the end result? It’s actually an advertised space for another drug company that sells its drugs to stop the abuse of painkiller addiction…this totally bites. They just can’t get it right can they? (both parties)

On the plus side if you ever want to create a social network here are 43 ways to do so!

also the top 1,000 web2.0 sites all alphabetically categorized!


I know alot of us sometimes hit a brick wall when formulating ideas or just plain need a breakthrough…that’s why there’s the handy dandy Idea Generator! Rather interesting and a cool looking widget.

Here’s a great post on how to give killer presentations even with a hangover! I am totally relishing this…although I do wonder where or when I will be presenting next…

I know this is an uber geeky joke but alexa the web information site…said YouTube is bigger than Google…don’t believe it? Here’s the graphical data…With my one word of approval.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s post and there will be an announcement on Friday regarding a new schedule for my blogs and their focus angle.


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YouTube is still king,Adelaide Marketer Group on Facebook, iLike Facebook, Cheap flights via Google

I assume we have all enjoyed our weekends?

For some it is their university/school holidays…meanwhile I am still faithful to the desk, and hey it’s all love! Maybe you can just buy me a coffee so you have interesting reads over your holidays~ hehe  Let’s get started.

Tech Love

An article on Marketing Vox featured a study that found 65 video sites, YouTube is still racking in 50% of traffic while the other 64% fight over the leftover 50%…It’s pretty sweet to be king by that amount. For May YouTube had 60%, and MySpaceTV was at 16% with Google video at 8%. Will MySpaceTV ever catch YouTube?  16% really isn’t THAT bad, as it was only launched recently.

There are plenty of marketers and aspiring marketers in Adelaide but many lack the network, or knowledge on how to meet other professionals/colleagues to perhaps get an opportunity or even just hang out! That’s why I’ve created the Adelaide Marketer group on Facebook. It’s open to all marketers worldwide so if you happen to be a happy marketer that enjoys Facebook, please feel free to join and say hello! Here’s the link again. I look forward to seeing you on there!

While I am not willing to add too many more apps onto my personal Facebook, many are adding the iLike application. The iLike application for Facebook is a digital music service that can be added to a user’s Facebook interface…in human language it’s described as: “iLike lets you add music and videos to your profile, and see who’s going to what concerts. Bonus: get free mp3s matching your tastes, and beat your friends at the Music Challenge.” The iLike app is the fastest growing music service with over 1 million new registered users a week…Check it out and let me know what you think. Should I do it for the masses to find out the elusive Panda’s music tastes? hehe my black ears are twitching to hear your thoughts on the iLike app on Facebook.


Find cheaper flights on Google!

15 ways to keep your brain in shape! There are some people out there that deserve a nice N/A sign for this site hehe question: can people hate a rude panda?

Well that wraps it up for this joyous Monday that is my birthday! But I usually keep it on the down low…iLike coffees LOL

Have a great day! Enjoy today’s pic that has the theme…White ninja is the Bomb!

the bomb!

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Make me a Mario Shirt please! I was young so I wanted a Chumby…

How was everyone’s weekend? Sorry there has been some malfunction down at Dan HQ…My new laptop which I should be using has crazy malfunction love for me…thus I am rendered useless at 30 minutes past midnight to write a short blog. I’ll have to take this baby into work to see if i can fix it up…

Tech Love

Now I’ve always wanted a Mario shirt that was pixelated…for the ladies, you know you needed that Princess Peach top real bad…Well make your own! I ponder as to the techiness of this but hey it’s game related damnit!

Well if that’s not enough here’s a toy we always wanted a wireless friend to us all that can be customized by us and for us. From my super duper looking alarm clock to my IM style Social network alerter…widgets and all…..there are way too many cool things you can do on this…it’s called a CHUMBY! AWESOME!


Lifestyle help plus a funny pic, so two birds with one stone.

What do you save when your house is on fire?

must save…

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MySpace vs Facebook, man vs woman in arguments…all revealed!

Hey team! It’s Friday and after yesterday’s rant on social networking sites…(unfortunately there won’t be a part.2 for now 🙂 ) I’ve decided to give a greater lifestyle focused blog today….after the Tech Love of course! hehe

Tech Love

A great article that breaks down the market/audience of MySpace versus Facebook. Basically, they present different solutions for different demographics. MySpace – think a teen’s bedroom…wallpaper, photos, posters, texts about the hottest guy/girl/band etc… On the other hand we have Facebook – which is more popular among university students and graduates, the interface’s customising capabilities are greatly reduced, but the emphasis is more on functionality. So where do you stand/lie? I’m in both…but having a great time experimenting with Facebook’s apps/widgets.


So onto today’s lifestyle section that’s going to be a little bit more weighty!

I actually saw this on Digg ages ago but I thought everyone should be aware of this…Here’s how con artists steal your money from an ATM while acting like your good Samaritan…evil pure evil these people. I hope that dude got madly pwned by the Iron Sheik.

Now if you’re like me there are times during the day where staying awake is the hardest to-do task on my list…well here’s an interesting blog on designing the perfect nap just for you! Now to get some practice in…

Finally, ever wanted to know the chances of a man winning an argument with the opposite sex over time? While I believe men are just perceived to be the lower species in arguments, I beg to differ…I believe in equality! (I wonder if some of the female audience were about to cut my family jewels neck until they saw the second part hehe) Well it all comes down to this graph…Just look below! hehehe


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