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Bill Gates = street cred +1, 3 Geekerisms, 2007s 3 big web trends chartered

Most of the time we all think Bill Gates is the ultimate evolution form of the geek:

– The kid you payed out can now buy your family and make them dig for lemmings

– Likes computers and has oversized frames that make Steve Urkle look less retarded

– At one stage (for a long ass time) had social skills that equate to that of a home schooled man girl (WTF?).

ANYWAY this clip made my respect for him that is already upmost, skyrocket. Not only  has he created an empire, he knows how to have a good laugh. The man is a role model for all, unless you think otherwise but meh.

 Great post by Steve Rubel from Micropersuasion –  And the 3 web trends are:

1. Social Networks

2.  Microblogging

3. Web Applications

Check the link for a detailed synopsis.

Here’s a great article.

A Mexican boy by the name of Diego, glued his hand to his bed because he didn’t want to go to school hahaha

‘Palacios said Diego sneaked into the kitchen in the early morning to get the industrial glue, which he then slathered on his right hand. She didn’t hear him get up, but later awoke and found him watching TV with his hand stuck to the bed, she told Mexican newspaper El Universal.’

Best quote today.  LINK to the article

On a green note for 2008 –

A list of 21 things we supposedly didn’t we could recycle!

Not only do i dislike gym buffs I dislike the actual gyms. From being tried to be sold to sign a contract that was 2 years+ to being hounded there after to join. If you’re looking to join a gym put some serious thought into it before you sign a contract – go for a short term or a per session basis.

Here’s a super list to keep you in check before you make a ‘dumb and dumber’ moment as you sign the contract.

Finally for all those that are looking into buying a next- gen gaming console. Here’s a chart to help you make your decision that much more easier. I have a wii….and a PC.



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Myspace the slow, Aussie anti-whales campaign, Colleges love Facebook (really?!)

Washed out Wednesdays all!

Let’s get the ball rolling shall we?

Tech Love

In  a world where stupidity reigns supreme – out of the dust rolls king MySpace the retards of retards! They’ve NOW (note: NOW) decided to open their developer platform just like Facebook…dude WTF?!
Many Aussies out there aren’t really down with the Japanese whaling the crap out of the seas so why not affect their kids? Well here’s a campaign that believes that’s the way to go! Can the Aussie underdog make a difference? Well the courts certainly ain’t backing us so we’ll see how it goes. My personal opinion is that this is a great effort, the first step towards attention is to rouse interest then communicate to the interest then BAM! We got a group that has power to influence or at least start a riot….your ideas/views on this?

Facebook is mad – I certainly love it, many are…addicted to a point. So want to see the figures that’s bringing Facebook success? Here’s the link for the write up. Demographics, user behaviour, figures, graphs etc. Enjoy!

So so so do you love to Twitter? Well do it on your mobile with Google’s recently acquired JAiku!

Jaiku’s website reveals that the company has temporarily closed new user sign-ups “in order to focus on innovation.”

So hold your horses but keep your eyes open for this. Whether it’s gonna blow up is in the hands of us the people muhahahaha! Or so I’d like to believe…


So Kanye beat fifty cent in album sales so why not ride the good life by becoming an A-list blogger ? LOL check this post on Kineda.

For the smash bros fans…Sonic will be a playable character on the new release! check 14:24

Hope you enjoyed the read, hit me back with love and questions, comments i want it all! LOL

Till next time,



Don’t fart.

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Wii Pwns! Youtube vids to PC,iPod, PSP, Mobile!300 Ultimate WordPress tools!

Hey guys I know my blogs have been less frequent then they should be…just been uber pwned since getting back here but don’t worry! I’ll blog as much as possible and will try to amp up the frequency to make up for the lack thereof!

Tech Love

The Wii is now the ultimate market leader in the sales of home console, taking over the Xbox 360 which could explain its price drop recently.Wii’s 10.57million sales to Xbox 360s Now all I have to do is wait till I have enough cash to actually buy one! Noobd.

Now there are times you just have to see your fave YouTube clip (one of many) on your PC, iPod, PSP and mobile to readily show everyone! Well here’s vconvert! The great thing about vconvert is that it’s not just limited to Youtube, it can download and convert any online videos! Enjoy!

Finally, Here’s the super uber list of 300 WordPress tools for your blog! How do I choose???


Mistakes not to make on the first date, but this list applies to most dates in general…Talking on the phone on a date? Get it right, very rude.

14 Foods that lower cholesterol…for all you diet heads out there!

Posting this pic teetered back and forth in my mind but I have decided to post it up due to its hilarity factor. I wish I could have witnessed this in real life, or do I? Brrrrrrrrrr…..

A definite WTF


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The Evolving Games Audience, Save on medical bills! Barbie World?

A new week and Monday Madness has arrived!

Tech Love

The once perceived game market was the 18-35 male and it was always this demographics that was spoon fed to us. Check this out though, the new demographics  suggested in this Yahoo! article is anyone (no gender bias) 6 to 60 so it’s time to open up our focus as to where we direct our game titles…I mean great games will always be great but now we can open up the mindset as to approaching game concepts and design. Read on in the article but as opposed to the sports or shoot em up let’s add some spice! I mean how much fun was super gem fighter!  Don’t agree? Let me know what you think is a sweet game that isn’t all sports or shoot em up!

This has been going on for a while but the buzz word in the games industry that is ‘casual’ let’s see why this is becoming relevant and truer in this Yahoo! article. Expectations are high (20% of all sales which is double last year) what I don’t like about this article is their questioning the fun of the Wii, the Wii in the corner in 6 months? pffft. That’s when I have enough money to get one!

A great article on Facebook’s appeal due to its privacy but once one gets into the network does it all go anti-piracy?  It does get rather like that as the news feed shows all actions by all friends in your network…depends on how much you really care I guess. I’m enjoying it at the moment…so no qualms from my way……… far(?)

Barbie’s Virtual World hits 3 million users! The article is amazed by the growth rate and wonders if it will be a greater force than Second Life….that is if growth rates are the same as they are now till November or January at the latest. Pretty full on if that does happen…


Want to save time and money when you visit your doctor? Learn how to describe your symptoms right here!

Feeling a little sick? yet you don’t want to shell out your hard earned cash to a doctor yet? Here’s a way to check your symptoms with WebMD then see if what ails you is serious or not and thus worthy of doctor visitation.

Today’s pic are…Drunkovision!





These are just awesome.

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One Mario Cake for Galaxy! MySpace is still king…iPod killer

Friday! Must I say more? Yes you say? Mario!

Tech Love

Check out the Mario Galaxy trailer for the Wii! And just to celebrate I thought why not find a shot of a pixel based Mario cake…I better save up for a Wii this game makes it totally worth and like all the other titles…Believe the hype! I want to wear a bumblebee suit now!

With all the speculation of Facebook, bebo, Orkut etc catching up here are some figures that show MySpace and Facebook head to head…shows that MySpace really isn’t losing ground as fast as we believe…

Why believe the hype? According to Yahoo! The article ponders the reality in the Wii actually taking over global PS2 figures which sit at a super comfortable 120 million. Shazam!!! I hope I buy the 120,000,001st Wii hehehe

Doctors warn people that their iPods can covert to lightning rods…not so cool now are they!!!! hehehe Need more evidence? Here’s the story of the dude who got shot down by lightning!!! Burnt nexk, chest, face, eardrums were ruptured and the tiny bones in his middle ears were dislocated, and his jaw broken in four spots…can you say this loud and clearly??? iOUCH!


here’s a way to safeguard your house when you’re at work…interesting story nice pics and does raise a good point..and yes the robber does look like BORAT!!!!!!!! HAHA I LIKE!

Office Politics flying around? Here’s a few great pointers. Whether you adhere is to your own discretion.

This picture is just weird…it’s basically what would happen if a company rebelled and took over a building and because I don’t want to spoil it check the rest out for yourself. IF you’re offended by cartoon nudity, sexual imagery please avoid. ( I warned you…a little but I do have you interested now hehe)

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